About Claire Chancellor

To become a great coach, we all need to learn from life. It sometimes seems that the tougher your life, the better you are at coaching.

After a disruptive childhood followed by giving too much to an abusive marriage, Claire got to the point where she had enough. It is amazing how your life can alter its course with just ONE powerful decision. Claire knew it was time for change.

2004 was the first time Claire discovered the power of the mind through hypnotherapy and coaching. She found it fascinating to understand people’s different communication style, how to change state and the correlation between mindset and behaviour.

It was through the use of NLP and other modalities that Claire uncovered how to work with her intuition, create boundaries, take back control and focus on creating the life she wanted.

With the intention to be the best version of herself, Claire was driven to achieve NLP Trainers certification, start a reputable Coaching business and help other women manifest a life with purpose.

Claire is a proud mum of 4 daughters (Lilly, Emma, and twins Maddison & CJ); it is understandable that woman’s empowerment is very important to her.

As a Coach, Claire has worked with clients from all over the world to resolve anxiety, dissolve low self-worth, clear away any limitations & create effective and permanent results. Those who are familiar with Claire’s work will tell you “Claire is genuine and passionate about helping women live a rich life”.

Her clients include famous celebrities, elite business coaches, psychologists, solicitors, high performance athletes, award winning business owners, scientists, and fabulous mums.

Claire's Qualifications

  • Certified NLP Trainer – Life Beyond Limits – May 2021
  • Certified NLP Speaker – Life Beyond Limits – February 2021 
  • Certified Reiki Master – Lisa Powers – 2020
  • Certified Master Practitioner of NLP – The Tad James Co. – September 2017 
  • Certified Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy – The Tad James Co. – September 2017 
  • Certified Master Coach of NLP – The Tad James Co. – September 2017 
  • Certified Master Hypnotist – The Tad James Co. – September 2017 
  • Certified Advance Theta Healer – Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge – August 2017
  • Certified Theta Healer Basic DNA – Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge – February 2017
  • Certified NLP Practitioner – The Eye of Horus Co. – April 2012
  • Certified Life Coach – The Eye of Horus Co. – April 2012
  • Certified Hypnotist – The Eye of Horus – April 2012
  • Second Degree Reiki – Maria Lacey – October 2012
  • First Degree Reiki – Maria Lacey – June 2012
  • Certified Holistic Counsellor – Holistic Living Training Institute – 2011

Create success by experiencing NLP, Hypnotherapy, Timeline, Quantum Healing & Advanced Theta Healing

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