Intuitive Transformation Session

What energy is keeping you from your manifestations?

Hi I'm Claire

Life works well when you know what to work on. But what do you do when you feel stuck and can’t find the answers? ….Its a fast track to feeling stressed and exhausted. 

As a Spiritual Mentor and Master Empowerment Coach, I work at a much deeper level combining the best of both worlds when it comes to Coaching and Clairvoyance. It is my honour to connect with you to help you release these deep blocks that are holding you back so you can manifest the life you deserve.  

This session is for you if you are ready to –

  • Move beyond your current challenges.
  • Immerse yourself on a therapeutic journey while feeling nourished by connecting to your souls wisdom. 
  • Keen to identify your triggers so that we can resolve them so the law of attraction brings to you an easier path. 
  • Discover higher guidance to manifest a life with passion and purpose. 

Common topics that clients are ready to transform are  –

  • “Am I in the right relationship?”
  • “What can I do to MANIFEST MORE MONEY?”
  • “When will I have a child?”
  • “What do I need to do to better my career?”
  • “How can I better my health & resolve my anxiety?”

My Intuitive Transformation Sessions are very professional and high quality; the type of service I would want for myself. I like to make good use of our time together and make sure we cover as much as we can in one session. Its important to me that you are comfortable with the way that I work. 

What you can expect from an Intuitive Transformation Session

I start off a session by linking in with your guides. It is always amusing to link in with your Guides as they are very enthusiastic to have their time to talk to you in a way you can hear. 

I utilize the power & accuracy of the Tarot cards to get an idea of where you are now, and what is the resistance between where you want to be; after all, you have the desire for a reason.

Many times the resistance that is causing you to be stuck is due to a limiting belief & limiting energy. These Limiting beliefs are thoughts, ideas or patterns that are in your energy field that restrict the manifestations from coming in to you. They Keep you from reaching your most significant potential. Many times these have come from other people, past lives, or trauma from the past. 

This is when I will use a 
variety of dynamic proven methods including NLP, Hypnotherapy, Timeline, Quantum Healing and Advanced Theta Healing to clear the limitations and take YOU to the next level.

You have the opportunity to communicate with their Guides, you may experience Past life regression or hypnotherapy to energetically cut the cords from the hurt in the past so it is no longer in their future.

Next I will make sure you feel grounded and have the clarity and inspiration to move forward. I finish the session to check in with your Guides if there is anything more they want to share with you about your souls path or purpose.

I absolutely LOVE giving readings to people who need clarity and freedom from their problems.It is an honour to connect with you. 


Please Click the link to register your interest in working with Claire when a spot does become available.

What other beautiful clients have said after a Reading

“Claire is by far the most amazing spiritual mentor and medium. The powerful proof she gave me, helped make significant changes to my life and my relationship. I’m still surprised how Claire got the accurate information she did, and it was over the phone! Thank you Claire, you helped me find me again. – Bella”

- Bella -

Wow, if you want a reading, Claire is the real deal. I recently had a reading with Claire and the guidance she gave me meant I went a head with IVF. I fell pregnant so quickly after my reading. My partner and I are so excitedThank you Claire for being so considerate and kind to help me. Its great to work with someone I can trust – Lauren”

- Lauren -


Instagram talking about a session with Claire

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Are you ready for a session?

With more than ten years’ experience in this field, my global clientele tell me how impressed they are with how quickly their life becomes lighter and easier for them. If working with me feels right and you are ready to take the steps need to go forward to attract in what you truly desire, book in a session. I believe we are all born with intuition and you were guided here for a reason. 

Typically these sessions are 60-70min and over the phone where you are in the comfort of your own home. I have to do my sessions over the phone as the energy gets so high when my powerful team start working; their strong energy causes zoom to freeze. I will text you photos of significant Tarot cards if you need to see them during our session. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 

I look forward to speaking with you.

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