Activate your spiritual awakening

Hi I'm Claire,

As a Master Coach & Trainer, I focus on guiding you to manifest a deeper sense of purpose and connection – knowing that anything is possible.

Are  you going though life challenges, yet your soul knows life is not meant to be that hard.  This is the start of your spiritual awakening. 
Together we will bring in clarity so you can feel energized and uplifted to be your purpose.

Ways to work with Claire:

1 on 1 Certainty Session

I know how important it feels to unpack life’s challenges as they come up. When I reflect on my own journey, I know how valuable it is to find the right coach who will take the time to listen and understand …and better yet, have the tools to help me create transformation quickly and effectively. It is the number one reason why I became a coach. 
I pride myself to coach people to the same high standards I expect to be coached. It is with this in mind, that I like to work with people who are open, willing, and ready for change. 

This one off Certainty Session will ensure you experience a profound transformation-  be it to resolve anxiety, find clarity after feeling stuck, gain certainty moving forward to be your purpose, or to experience a connection with your higher self & spirit guides.
It is really important to me that you are comfortable with the way that I work. This is an ideal way to connect before we look at committing to the Personalised 5 session Coaching together. 



NLP is a transformational modality that helps you improve all areas of your life. NLP helps you feel empowered to change your inner world; your thoughts, your feelings & your choices. This effective transformation causes a ripple effect in your your internal world thus transforming your external world. Be that your career, relationships, health and wealth. 
One of the key elements to manifesting is to feel connected and supported by like minded people who share the same passion to achieve their goals. Feel brilliant and discover the most effective skills to empower yourself and others. This truly is the modality for self mastery to manifest the best version of you.

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1 on 1 Personalised Coaching 5 Session Package

Are you feeling stuck, caught in a cycle of limitations that are holding you back? 
Are you ready to live with passion  and purpose?
Claire works with clients who have tried everything else to resolve their health and relationship challenges. They are surprised how quickly and effectively things turn around for them, in a really short amount of time. 
This 1 on 1 Personalised Coaching program is for those who are truly committed to do the work to achieve the results their soul craves. 
“There is no other program like this. Believe me, I’ve looked. I coach my clients to the same high standard I want to be coached.” 
With this program, you will step into the feelings of CONFIDENCE & EMPOWERMENT as you ACHIEVE your GOALS, DREAMS and DESIRES more easily. 

"Manifesting is the process to prepare your mind, body & soul to take inspired action towards what YOU want in life".

Meet Claire

Hi there, I’m Claire, 

People come to me when they feel stuck in their life and are looking for higher purpose to move forward. 

I believe we are all born with an a natural intuition, and that the people who come to me, are ready to enhance this connection as they align to their souls purpose.

I discovered how to manifest my heart’s desires. I own my own house, my car and I manifested a business to support myself and my girls.  

For over fifteen years, I’ve been working with people all over the world to feel empowered, free and uplifted. 

Life works really when when you know what to work on, and with the guidance from your spiritual team (aka Spirit Guides), we can easily connect in with them to discover what is stopping you from having what you want. After all, you have your dreams and desire for a reason. 

Many people who are on that spiritual journey will feel out of alignment and off their spiritual path due to health issues, trauma, or a general feeling of being stuck or lost. It is really important to discover the souls lessons behind encountering this, so you an release this heavy energy permanently and feel certain moving forward. 

Together, we can easily resolve your limitations by utilizing dynamic and proven methods including NLP, Hypnotherapy, Timeline therapy, Quantum Healing and Advanced Theta healing to help YOU create a life that is filled with passion, purpose and ease.

It is truly an honour holding the space for someone on their journey. If my energy resonates with you, Id love to connect to help you create the life you want to live. 

What other beautiful clients have said after a session with Claire

Claire is an amazing therapeutic practitioner and healer. She is honest and deeply empathetic, empowering, intuitive and very skilled at what she does. I have worked with her for some time to re pattern my childhood traumas that were greatly impacting on my work, my health and my relationships as a mother and partner. Claire has been instrumental in guiding me on my journey to rebuild my sense of self on a spiritual, emotional and physical level and move more in the direction of harnessing my potential. I highly recommend that you seek out Claire if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed in any aspect of your life. 

- Helen -

I was guided to Claire at a time in my life when I was ready to change and I knew big changes were ahead for me. The results for me in only a few sessions, which was mind blowing! I felt comfortable right from the start with Claire and was able to delve deeply in a short period of time to work through some significant childhood trauma and family issues. With Claire’s ongoing support, and endless amazing resources & podcasts, I have been able to not only resolve these issues, but gain more clarity and understanding in myself and who I am. I am finally free of my past. I’m more confident and empowered and am so excited for the next few sessions to see what magic happens next!”

- Shelley -

Working with Claire has been one of the most insightful and expansive experiences I have gifted myself.  I realized the true meaning of self-love in my sessions with her.  I have never really resonated with any other modalities in particular until I worked with Claire.  Claire had this wonderfully discreet ability of putting me in the driver’s seat. She empowered me with such inner strength, wisdom and confidence, I was finally able to move forward with clarity towards my manifestations without allowing my past to block my flow. In 10 one on one sessions, I was taken back to my past lives, healed moments and situations that subconsciously blocked me today and worked on healing and nurturing my inner child.  Claire taught me how necessary it is to ‘right’ my past in order to free myself of my insecurities and debilitating fear.  My work with her is not done.  With every level there inevitably is a new devil but leveling up has never felt more exciting!  Thank you Claire, for introducing me to the real me.  To the me I have always strived to be.  Thank you for switching on the light bulb.  My world is clear, full of light and inspiration.

- Denise -

Check out Claire on the Soul Fam Podcast

Discover how to heal and transform by listening to insightful interviews with embodied space holders from all over the world on the SoulFam Podcast with the Connection Catalyst, Karolina Kuraj. In this episode our guest is Claire Chancellor, the Spiritual Advancement Master Coach. Claire dives deep into multidimensionality, past lives, how to connect to your spirit guides and explains the difference between them and Guardian Angels.

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