"Be seen, heard & valued for what you do".

- Claire Chancellor

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Are you feeling stuck, gripping on to make it work?
Are you caught in a cycle of limitations that are holding you back? You know life does not have to be so hard.

I invite you to embark on a soul-led journey of transformation with high impact. Investing in yourself you can expect to:

Elevate your energy.
Ignite your intuition.
Speak your authentic truth.
Magnetically receive your dream manifestations.
 Radiate confidence to work with your clients you are excited to work with. 
Authentically get paid to be you. 
Generously expand your heart-centred business.
…and of course


I coach my clients to the same high standard I want to be Coached. Step into this opportunity designed exclusively for spiritual visionaries like you. 

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NLP Practitioner Live Online

Embark on a journey of soul led transformation with our exclusive High Impact NLP Training Experience – a golden opportunity designed exclusively for visionaries like you. Elevate your skills, amplify your impact, and generously expand your career with the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Past Life Regression
Coming Soon
Past life regression is a powerful tool that can help you explore and unlock the mysteries of your past lives, allowing you to heal from emotional and physical wounds, discover your life purpose, and gain a deeper understanding of who you are. Through Past Life Regression we can discover soul contracts and other dynamics that waiting to be resolved in this lifetime. This training provides you with the skills and scripts to facilitate past-life regression for your clients.
Join us on this transformative training as we delve into the depths of your soul and uncover your hidden treasures of you.
Feeling Triggered?
Check out this free resource

Emotional triggers impact people in a variety of ways. The emotional stress can impact your health and mental clarity.
The first step to come back to feeling content is to listen to your body’s message. 
This resource provides you with an audio link where I walk you through powerful journaling questions and a second healing meditation to clear the stress and bring in high vibrational energy for you to come into alignment.

Student Success

Empowering Empath Evening

Together we will:

  • Explore your Empath gifts,
  • Release the heavy energy you have been carrying of others,
  • Connect to your higher self,
  • Experience a quantum journey,
  • Tune into your Empath purpose,
  • And most of all, have a lot of laughter and fun.

It is time to feel lighter, sparkle and have a really good time connecting with like-minded friends.

What other beautiful clients have said after a session with Claire

Before I started working with Claire my partner and I were stuck financially and I was struggling with my emotions and sense of purpose after having children. I was introduced to Claire though a friend and I was so curious about her work and how she could help me but I never expected what happened next. Just after a few sessions with Claire exploring what my blocks were and how they were stopping me from achieving what I wanted in life, and then clearing those blocks my life has changed. Business deals started flowing in, we will be debt free in a few months, we bought a new car, booked a family holiday by the end of the year my family will be in a completely different situation and we will be buying our first family home. Aside from all those material things more importantly I have confidence again and I know I can create the life I want and anything is in my reach, thank you so much Claire words cannot describe how grateful I am for your work.

- Lily -

Claire is an amazing therapeutic practitioner and healer. She is honest and deeply empathetic, empowering, intuitive and very skilled at what she does. I have worked with her for some time to re pattern my childhood traumas that were greatly impacting on my work, my health and my relationships as a mother and partner. Claire has been instrumental in guiding me on my journey to rebuild my sense of self on a spiritual, emotional and physical level and move more in the direction of harnessing my potential. I highly recommend that you seek out Claire if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed in any aspect of your life. 

- Helen -

I was guided to Claire at a time in my life when I was ready to change and I knew big changes were ahead for me. The results for me in only a few sessions, which was mind blowing! I felt comfortable right from the start with Claire and was able to delve deeply in a short period of time to work through some significant childhood trauma and family issues. With Claire’s ongoing support, and endless amazing resources & podcasts, I have been able to not only resolve these issues, but gain more clarity and understanding in myself and who I am. I am finally free of my past. I’m more confident and empowered and am so excited for the next few sessions to see what magic happens next!”

- Shelley -

Working with Claire has been one of the most insightful and expansive experiences I have gifted myself.  I realized the true meaning of self-love in my sessions with her.  I have never really resonated with any other modalities in particular until I worked with Claire.  Claire had this wonderfully discreet ability of putting me in the driver’s seat. She empowered me with such inner strength, wisdom and confidence, I was finally able to move forward with clarity towards my manifestations without allowing my past to block my flow. In 10 one on one sessions, I was taken back to my past lives, healed moments and situations that subconsciously blocked me today and worked on healing and nurturing my inner child.  Claire taught me how necessary it is to ‘right’ my past in order to free myself of my insecurities and debilitating fear.  My work with her is not done.  With every level there inevitably is a new devil but leveling up has never felt more exciting!  Thank you Claire, for introducing me to the real me.  To the me I have always strived to be.  Thank you for switching on the light bulb.  My world is clear, full of light and inspiration.

- Denise -

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