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Who is your ideal client?

In simple terms, an ideal client is someone who needs your product or service.
However, I don’t encourage people to manifest just any client into their business – I encourage you to fine-tune who you want and attract clients:

Who is your ideal client?

  • where there is a mutual energy exchange.
  • who has the enthusiasm to be their best self.
  • who takes responsibility for their personal growth.
  • that lights you up when you see their name on their schedule.
  • who respects you and your expertise.
  • who values and pays for your service.
  • and who really get the most out of your expertise. 

I invite you to add to the list that is right by your standards. …Do you want to work with introverts, extroverts, spiritually minded, scientifically minded, driven people, creatives, chatty people, earthy clients, or musical clients.

Red Flag Clients

I also encourage you to know who you don’t want to work with. Sounds strange, especially if you are at the beginning of your business. However, honouring this list will preserve your energy, it will save you plenty of resentment and burnout. Believe me, taking on a client just for the money is going to cost you enormously and it’s not worth the tension, sleepless nights and health concerns by ignoring your boundaries. Don’t work with clients that you wouldn’t want to have dinner with. If you are not interested in hanging out with them, it’s a red flag. This is the type of example of the qualities that you don’t want your client to have:

  • who have unrealistic expectations.
  •  who don’t understand you and your approach.
  • who are needy and push on your boundaries.
  • who are abrasive or push to be the authority over you.
  • who push for discounts or price reductions.
  • who ask for extras that were not agreed upon.
  • who pay late or complain about paying.
  • who show up late or regularly cancel with minimal notice.
  • who is not willing to do the work necessary to achieve the outcome.

Listen out for these red flags before you start an ongoing business relationship.
Having a mutual level of respect is the foundation of your thriving business and is well worth putting in the extra effort to establish this, not just for you, but to ensure results. 

"What solution do I provide my clients?"

Knowing that your intuition is driving you to create your business, you must have a level of certainty that you have something to offer. Something special that is unique to you and your experience.

The question is, what transformation have you been through that drives up your enthusiasm to create your business?
What is your passion?
What do you want to share with others?

From my perspective, the solution that you provide your clients comes from your own personal experience. In simple terms, your ideal client is YOU FIVE YEARS AGO! It is worth taking the time to work through:

What solution were you looking for back then
How did you move through the challenges? 
How did you gain clarity?
What worked for you?
What didn’t work for you?

If you can work out the strategy that got you to where you are now, you will be able to provide the most remarkable service that will blow the socks off your client!

Niche down

New business owners often have trouble narrowing down what is their niche. It makes sense that in the early days, you don’t have the experience to know exactly what you are brilliant at. However, it is worth taking the time to drill down to one specific niche to build your expertise on that. As an example, if you have trouble with your heart, are you going to be ok seeing the GP, or do you want to invest your time and money into seeing a specialist who can save you from ongoing suffering and stress?

Your business is no different. If I am working with a “Relationship coach”, I am going to require them to get specific. Do they help people find love? or do they help people divorce amicably? They are at two ends of the spectrum.
When you can narrow down your niche you will find that your marketing, resources and reputation will be effortless to build.

What is your client’s “customer” Journey with you?

You know you are amazing at what you do.
You know that you have so much to share.
You know the outcomes you deliver are outstanding.

…. but that’s the thing. YOU KNOW.

How can we shift your knowing, to your future clients, so they know that you and your services are something worth leaning into?

In the early days of your business, it can feel confusing about how you can attract clients so you can get your name and reputation out there. This mindset will immediately create overwhelm and angst on the ‘how?’

Truth is, the simplest way to build your business in the early days, is to focus on one meaningful conversation at a time.

It may be obvious, but a meaningful conversation means that two people are conversing. It requires both people to listen and to talk. You will notice that your clients need to feel understood and to know that they matter.

Within the first conversation, you want to ensure you create a safe space, to quickly build their trust in you, and the services you provide.

Listen to your potential clients. Listen to their needs. Listen to their struggles and listen to see if your services can provide them with a solution. If you can help them – GREAT! And honestly, if you can’t it is better to refer them to someone else than push to make it work.

The question comes back to “How do your clients approach you to start their customer journey?”.

This is completely up to you.

How many sessions in a package?

Within that time frame, I had “played with 3 session packages, 5 session packages, 8 session packages”. But I always came back to fortnightly 5 or 6.

Weekly sessions were too much. A client would experience a whopper of a transformation and would need some time to integrate and apply the new changes.

3 sessions gave the client unrealistic expectations of what could be achieved in that time. Plus I was working so fast that I depleted myself and had to cut back on the number of clients I could show up for.

8 sessions were too many. By 5 or 6th session, the client had transformed so much in three months, that they needed life to settle down and experience the changes, before the next big wave.

As a metaphor, I had always considered myself to be like a photographer. I come into people’s lives to help them with the engagement, and then help them with the wedding, and then help them capture the beauty of their pregnancy, baby and so on.

I am not someone to have by your side full time within 1on1 coaching. A pocket of 1-on-1 and then a group training, yes. But not full-time coaching. What I know about my personality, is that I need “bookends “ and structure to know what the timing is.

BUT some coaches are. Some coaches facilitate 12-month coaching, 6 months of coaching, etc.

It is up to you if you want your clients to find you through social media and then do a sales call.

Or they sign up for a webinar or workshop where you get to know them, and then they can do 1-on-1 work with you.

Or maybe they pay for an online training of yours that then builds trust, so they can do 1-on-1 with you.

The options are limitless.

The general idea in business is that someone gets to know you with a free, or inexpensive resource, and then they pay for your 1-on-1 time.

Of course, we can dive into your options and what works for you and your business in a 1-on-1 session.

How to *sell* a follow up session

So you have had a taste of what it is like to offer a client an initial session and you can see the potential of how your services could help your client …if only they signed up for more sessions!

There are plenty of benefits to your business by offering a one-off session.

The experience builds your confidence while gaining certainty on how much you can cover in the allocated time. Soon you will identify common patterns with the clients you are attracting, and the steps that are involved with getting lost lasting results.

The question is – how to *sell* a follow-up session??

First, we must recognise what triggers come up for you when we mention the word *sell*. Have you got your own experience been sold false promises in the past and don’t want to appear to be that icky to your client?

Or do you perceive that ‘selling’ comes with an amount of pressure for someone to buy, rather than it being a heartfelt exchange?

Going on a deep inner journey to resolve your own triggers will make a BIG difference in the way you show up for the ongoing relationship with your client.

Your business is an extension of you – so it is great to know that when we resolve a limitation within you, you will see the results within your business. Right?

But let’s backtrack to the question “how to *sell* a follow-up session?”

It may help to change the language, so that instead of *selling* a session, it is an invitation for the client to continue their healing journey with you.

When I did just one-off sessions, I knew that the first session with me can be intense. We spend time unpacking their problem followed by going into a trance-like state to find the solution. The end of a session is not the appropriate time for me to ask them if they want to book another session. They are in a high vibrational state, completely away from their problem and their logical mind to know what day of the week!

There are two things I did to create the opportunity to invite the client to book in when they had more focus.

At the end of the session I asked for permission to text them later to check in. and Second I took action.

  1. During the session, I would tell them “Is it ok if I text you in the next couple of days to follow up, check in and see how you are going”. In that message would be a genuine check-in, with an invitation to book in or to feel free to connect with me if they have any questions.
  1. I also sent them a text the minute I hung up the phone or zoom. The text would say “It was wonderful connecting with you today. Here are some suggestions for self-care after a session that may be beneficial”. In that link, it would have a list of self-care suggestions, and at the bottom would be a link to book in again for their follow-up session. – They now have the link and can book in with minimal effort.

What about a bundle of sessions?

Before you offer a bundle of sessions to your client, make sure you are clear in your mind about what are the benefits to create an ongoing plan. Notice the enthusiasm to continue working with your client. (Of course, if you are not enthusiastic to continue working with that one-off client, you have the discretion to decline). Explore the idea of creating a bundle of sessions so that it is more cost-effective to book 3 sessions at a time, rather than one-offs.

In the early days of running a business, I would encourage you to find the sweet spot that works for you. You may just want to go from a sales call to a bundle of sessions. Or perhaps you just want to facilitate a session, one at a time, as they need.

Your comfort and confidence in what you offer will create a ripple effect so that your client feels comfortable and confident working with you.

Get a Coach or Mentor

As an NLP trainer, I have trained some phenomenal people to become coaches. They have a generous heart and have knowledge about a life experience that is worth paying for. If you are going into business, I highly recommend you get a reputable Coach – preferably from someone who is about three steps ahead of where you want to be. 

Why? From their experience, they can save you months and years of anxiety and frustration by helping you on the smoothest path ahead so your business is set up for success.

Your business is an extension of you. It will show you where you are limiting yourself. If you have a hard time receiving money, your business will too. If you stress to the point of being unwell, your business will be stressful and unwell too. 

Knowing how quickly and easy it is to resolve these limitations, it is well worth investing in yourself so your business thrives. 


Yes, Coaching is a luxury experience. But how much is it costing you to stay the same?

There are coaches who really value what they do and deliver a high-quality service. 

$5,000 for 3 months of personalized coaching.
$10,000 for 3 months of personalized coaching.

$25,000+ for 3 months of personalized coaching.

How do I know this? I have coached them.

What do these premium price coaches have in common?

  • They invest in themselves.
  • They are willing to take a risk.
  • They embraced their fear and turned their life around.
  • They positioned themselves in the market to not need to make sales.
  • They don’t chase clients. Clients come to them.
  • They also know that the service they offer is valuable.

Sometimes people think that Coaching is expensive. It’s true, Coaching is a luxury experience.
But the real question is “How much is it costing you to stay the same?”

When you are starting a new business, there is an enormous amount of ‘work’ that needs to be completed. It can generate sleepless nights, anxiety, health concerns and breakdown in relationships. Save yourself the breakdown and get in touch with a trusted expert. You deserve it. 

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