Children Who Sense Spirit

How to support them

My Experience Growing Up

Recently I’ve had an influx of clients are coming to me to understand their children who have spiritual gifts.

I remember when I was little, I could see spirit like they were invisible friends. Mum would ask me if I wanted to have friends over after school, but I already had plenty of company – My Spirit Guides. It was a confusing time as I didn’t understand that other people couldn’t sense spirit and the adults around me didn’t understand my experiences. 

Night times were the worst. Electrical devices would flash on and off around me. Especially the washing machine, Lights and TV. Wrist watches would go backwards on me and the music on Dads radio would go static if I got too close to it. I didn’t feel comfortable being ‘alone’ at night because I could hear spirit moving things around me. The more fear I had, the more I felt the company of Pets that had passed over. I could feel their weight where they used to sleep on my bed.

My twin daughters Maddison and Charlotte used to have trouble at night-time too. It seems my spiritual gifts got passed down to them. Charlotte would see them easier. Maddison would feel their energy. When the distractions of the daytime went away, their senses become heightened. 

The spirits that come to all of us are normally our family members and loved ones just checking in. But it can feel unsettling when that is unknown. 

Below are some strategies that I use to help my children feel settled with their Spiritual gifts.


Quick & Effective Tips to Help YOUR Child

If your child is sensing spirit, Here are some tips that I use with my own daughters. 

• It is important to listen to your child as if they are telling you the truth. After all, it is there perception of what’s going on for them.

• Find ways to empower your child so they are in charge. Sometimes its as simple as commanding the spirit to leave.

▪︎ I encourage my girls to imagine a protective dragon, or angel to be with them. This means the burden is not all on them.

• My girls have a few protective crystals to keep by their bed that absorbs their worry & help them sleep. Smokey Quartz and Amethyst are fantastic for this. Etsy or Ebay is a great place to buy them. You can call them “sweet dreams” crystals.

• It healthier to sleep in a decluttered space, as well as it being energetically clean. I heard some creative mums get their children to vacuum the monsters away! LOVE IT. As an energy worker, I will cleanse the room to bring the space back in to harmony. Below is a link so you can do that too. 

If you need help to understand your little one and the way they see the world, feel free to get in touch with me.


Power of Smudging

Smudging is an ancient ritual where we set the intention to cleanse the energy in our homes, cars or office. Step in to your spiritual power and clear away –

  • Anxiety
  • Worry
  • Stagnant energy
  • Residual energy from arguments or
  • Toxic people energy

This link will take you to the steps you need to know to Sage cleanse your home. 

Arch Angel Metatron

When your child is experiencing emotional upheavals, learning issues, feeling stuck, needing strength and support, Metatron is the Arch Angel to call in. He watches over the flow of energy in creation and provides connection to the divine. 
His role is to help children feel empowered, to enhance their spiritual connection and to learn how to love themselves. He is especially equipped to help if your child has ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia or unique spiritual gifts (such as star children, indigos and rainbow children).

Please click on the link to get more information on how to work with Arch Angel Metatron.

Sensory Compression Blanket/ Sheet

This was one of the most effective tools to calm my daughter Maddy at night time. Poor sleep can be detrimental to your child’s mood and behavior! The Sensory Compression Blanket is one of the most effective tools to calm your sensory child, relieve anxiety, and transform your bedtime routine from hours, to just minutes.

Take mirrors out of your Childs bedroom

Most Feng Shui experts say that mirrors in your bedroom create unlucky energy. A mirror facing your bed depletes your personal energy and creates sleeplessness. It is believed that your soul leaves your body when we sleep. When there are mirrors in your bed room, it makes it difficult for the soul to return as it mistakes the image in the mirror for the real body. 

If your child is fearful at night, the energy of the mirrors reflection can be an easy ‘portal’ for spirit to look into your child’s room. It can be intrusive. I highly recommend taking mirrors out of your Childs room. 

"Safe Spray " (lavender oil in water spray bottle)

Have a spray bottle of water and lavender oil labelled “safe spray”. It’s a tool that they can spray in their room to ‘cleanse’ the energy.  Lavender Oil supports restful sleep and promotes a clam and peaceful mind.


Create Healing Stories

It is amazing how well children respond to playful stories and imagination. After all, their natural language is play. If you child is holding on to fear/ anger/ sadness, ask them where the fear is in their body, what colour is it, and to let the emotion go with beautiful colourful balloons. Other metaphors that work well, is to let the emotions go down out of their feet to mother earth, to close the book on the night mare, or to use their favourite TV character to come in and help fight the battle. 

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Joe Dizpenza - How to Support Children

Helping young children self regulate their emotions is so critical for their development and how they problem solve as adults. Joes advice is so simple yet effective. 

This 10min video is incredible. Joe talks about rehearsing solutions with your child, or to let them come up with creative ways to solve your problems. 

Sleep Meditation for Kids

Welcome to this sleep meditation for kids to meet a very special guardian snow wolf spirit guide. who will keep children safe and sound as they relax into a perfect night’s deep sleep.

Neurographic Art - Mindfulness

Neurographic Art is a a unique art and stress reduction method. It brings forward your creative energy and maximum personal realization. Art is one of the best ways to help your child communicate their experiences.

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