Cord Cutting

Recover your energy

Cord Cutting

Recover YOUR energy & re-establish your boundaries

They say we are all connected. Have you ever wondered how that impacts you energetically?

Any time we connect & interact with another person (This may be family, friend, intimate partner, colleague, or someone you meet in passing), invisible energy cords will be created. We are all energy beings, and these cords help us form a connection and understand one another.  At the beginning of a meaningful relationship, the cords formed will be kind and positive – cords of light that can never be disconnected.

As we move through that relationship, growing, learning, and evolving, friction may start to show itself. This is when unhealthy cords will connect that make you feel heavy because you are unknowingly giving too much of your energy or it is being taken from you. 

These cords will stay in place until we give them some attention to dissolve them. Up to this time, these people may be out of your awareness, but the other person can unconsciously tap in to you and take your energy, even years after the relationship was finalised. Think about your ex tapping into your energy and taking from you  ….yuk!

There are signs that you may have unhealthy cords in place. 

The three main ones are that you will feel –
– Exhausted
– Speaking or thinking about the other person often
– Feeling judgmental of the other person
– Unmotivated
– Confused 
– Unexplained Sadness
– Angry
– & Drained.

Other examples that cause unhealthy cords, is when we have those friends that emotionally want to dump all their problems out. They don’t want a solution. They just want to vent. They are addicted to the drama of life and enjoy the attention they get from trauma bonding. 

You may find yourself coming away from the conversation unsettled wondering “why am I sad? why am I drained?” – This is BIG sign that you are an empath and that you are not enforcing healthy boundaries. The cords have been giving so much of yourself to help the other person. 

Majority of people are unaware of what they are doing. If this is happening to you, it is time to dissolve the unhealthy cords that no longer serve you. Its important to do this to help you re-establish your energetic boundaries and create a stronger friendship. ….or to release you from the commitment of old relationships.

Steps to Cord Cutting

First of all, you need to think back to when you first met this person and recognise what was it that let this person in to your life? Was it loneliness? Was it protection? What was it that you needed back then, and ask yourself, do you still have that need? This is an important step in cord cutting that many professionals leave out. Cord cutting will be successful when you can recognise what were the learnings from this relationship, so that you can free yourself of this soul contract. 

Call forward Arch Angel Michael to come forth with his sword of Truth and Light. Visualise him cutting the cords between you and the other person. Remember to cut the cords under your feet, on  your back and any where else you intuitively feel heaviness. 

Say out loud or to yourself – 

“I release myself of the commitment of this relationship. I now sever and release any and all energetic cords that do not serve my highest good. I release you and I release me from these binds.
Clear and transmute all cords on all times, between time, dimensions and frequencies. 
I cleanse clear and purify all energy between us”

Visualise all the cords being cut while sending the energy back to them. 

Call forward Arch Angel Raphael to heal where the cords where attached and visualise bright vivid green energy coming in to your body. Ask for harmony and balance to come in to yourself. 

And then Call forward Arch Angel Metatron to put a golden grid of protection around you. 

To finish off, Thank your Guides for their assistance. 

After Cord Cutting

Give yourself time for the energy to integrate and to work its way deeper and deeper in to your system. You may want to take some time for yourself for self care. This could be a salt bath, journal, walk in nature etc. 

MANY MANY MANY times, Clients will cut cords and the next day their ex will call or text to reach out. It is as if their soul has recognised they cant tap in to your energy any more, and so they physically go looking for you to connect. I have worked with clients who cut the cords on an ex from 10years ago and then within 48hrs of the session, she receives a text from him “I’m sorry if I ever hurt you in the past”. 

The important thing to note after cord cutting is that you have wiped the slate clean. You can now raise your standards and outline how you want the relationship to be OR not to be. 

The benefits from successful cord cutting is that you will no longer feeling stuck or unsettled.  You will feel a sense of relief and CLAIM BACK YOUR POWER to move forward. 

Releasing the past helps you manifest your new reality

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