"How can I work with my Crystals?"

Did you know Quartz is used in watches as this crystal can maintain precise time within its frequency. A certain type of crystal is used in LCD TV’S ….and sugar by definition is a crystal! Billions of people use Crystals everyday, but they may not know it. 

I’m sure this is not what my client was thinking when she asked “How can I work with my crystals?”

Crystals can transfer their powerful energy just by holding them; my children can feel the heat and tingling when they touch them. Many times when I take people back to past lives, they often have a connection to crystals. Its is absolutely fascinating to me. 

Each type of Crystal has its own unique properties, such as-

  • Facilitate healing, 
  • Enhance sleep, 
  • Clear negative energy, 
  • Bring in abundance or 
  • Accelerate spiritual development.  
    (See the colour list below for more in-depth knowledge on this) 

Crystals that work with you

When you pick up your crystal for the first time, hold it, take your focus inward and ask it “will you work with me?” The answer may come in like a familiar feel good feeling, like you get from a friend. This is a “yes”. 

Some people will hold their crystals when they meditate, leave them in the bra or pocket, place them by your bed or work area. The crystals will intuitively lead you to where they want to be placed. 
If you are using your crystals for healing, take notice of the colours on the Chakra chart-

💜 Minds eye
💙 Throat
💚 Heart 
💛 Stomach
🧡 Naval area
❤ Base 

The colour of the crystal will correlate with the Chakra/ Energy centres where they should be placed to amplify healing. Crystals like to be recharged in the moon light. (However some crystals are water soluble, which means they do not get them wet.) 

Put them out on a full moon in a grid pattern on the earth to discharge the negative energy they have filtered. The moonlight will enhance their manifesting abilities too. Your crystals will intuitively tell you where they want to be placed in the grid. When I take photos of my crystal grids, you can see the flare of light being reflected off them. It’s Pretty cool.

On another note, some people believe crystals are nothing but a tool or a token item. To me, Its important to know that many of us carry around a lucky coin, or a lucky key ring or something that reminds them to centre and come back to their inner strength. Crystals can work like this too.

This is my daughters crystal grid that she put together to charge her energy. 

All the colours of the Crystal Rainbow


Protection, Purity, Completion.

White Crystals can be used in association with the qualities of protection, light, innocence, light, goodness, heaven, safety, brilliance, illumination, understanding, cleanliness, faith, beginnings, purity, spirituality, possibility, sincerity, protection, softness, and perfection. It represents Beginnings & Endings. 



Romance, Love, Gentleness

Pink Crystals can be used in association with the qualities of love, compassion and nurturing femininity. Cheer, playfulness, youth, good health, and playfulness. “Seeing life through rose coloured glasses”. Rose quartz is useful when manifesting LOVE.



Passion, Vitality, Impulsivity

Red is the colour of extremes. It can symbolise passion, love and seduction. While it can also symbolise danger, anger, violence and warning; as these deplete the nervous system. 
Red crystals can bring forward determination when you most need it.



Strength, Balance, Creativity

Orange crystals are associated with Joy, Warmth & Enthusiasm. Orange can relate to creativity, and sexuality. They can bring us all sorts of stimulating inspiration — whether it’s for an art project or in the bedroom. This is a brilliant colour to use to MANIFEST.



Bright, Clear, Joy

Yellow crystals are sunny, bright, optimistic, and are all about expressing your truest self – Perfect for Spiritual Awakening. Yellow is ideal colour for new beginnings.  Yellow crystals are helpful in strengthening our belief in our personal power. They are a great crystal to work with when you need a feel-good confidence boost. Too much of the colour yellow can indicate jealousy, betrayal, and illness. 



Change, Healing, Growth

Green is the colour of life and mother earth supporting us. Use green crystals when you need renewed energy around you. Arch Angel Raphael uses vivid green for healing, growth, fertility and freshness. Green crystals are great for manifesting money. (However too much green can represent greed and gluttony.)



Communication, Peach, Clarity of Emotions

Blue represents both the sky and the sea, which is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination and expansiveness. Blue crystals will help honest communication and expressing ideas. Its supports vulnerable emotions and brings forward energy of loyalty, intelligence and stability. If you think about the colour of Police uniforms or hospitals, blue is used for order.



Royalty, Mystery, Higher Vibration

Purple Crystals are fantastic for protection and to get rid of obstacles to restore balance in your life. They have a sense of integrity and will bring a feeling of strong calmness. 
Purple represents extravagance, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, and magic.
Its interesting that the purple crystals that come in to our life were chosen a long time ago before we were in this lifetime. 



Formality, Elegance, Ultimate Possibilities

Black crystals are very powerful. They bring forward protection and will filter out negative energy. Black can help us connect to the Earth and ground us to clear way confusion and influential energy. 
Of course Black will also represent darkness, grief, loneliness and despair. It can symbolise the eternal struggle between good and evil, right or wrong. 



Connection to Earth, Nature & Animals

Brown crystals will bring forward stability, reliability, dependability, and approachability. It is the colour of soil, growth, fertility, and earth. It is associated the “all natural” and “organic.” Brown will help you ground, feel nurtured and have stability. These crystals like to be at the front door of your home. 

jene-yeo-B50NV0yAqwE-unsplash (1)


Abundance, Achievement, Heal

While Gold is a metal (not a crystal) I will include its meaning. Gold represents success, triumph and achievement. It is associated with prestige, sophistication, value and elegance.
Gold will ease stress, calm emotional system, and amplify feelings of abundance.
Gold has been called “the master healer”.


Crystals are living beings from the beginning of creation

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