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14 self-care ideas that may be helpful between sessions-

  • Walk in Nature
  • Enjoy a bath with oils and candles
  • Go out for coffee or high tea
  • Relax with a foot bath and magnesium salts
  • Meditate (I meditate as I do gardening) 
  • Get in to a good book or listen to an Audible
  • Listen to calming music
  • Indulge in a massage
  • Buy yourself some flowers
  • Bake a cake (if that brings you joy)
  • Expressional art (painting, singing, dancing, drumming)
  • Ask Angels cards for guidance
  • Restorative Stretch and Yoga
Below is a guide to how self care enhances your manifesting. 

If you need some extra self care, check out these very powerful healing meditations:

Observe your breath

Set a timer for three minutes and simply become aware of your breathing. You don’t need to breathe in a certain way or force yourself to think of anything in particular. The point is simply to notice what is. When your mind wanders (which it absolutely will), just go back to noticing your breath. It does help to breath out longer then the breath in. This will relax your nervous system and lower your blood pressure. 

Belly breathing

  1. Lay comfortably, placing your hands on your belly, just under your ribs. 
  2. Take a deep breath in your nose and feel your hands raise. (avoid moving your chest or shoulders) 
  3. Breathe out your mouth feeling your hands go down as your belly releases the breath. 
  4. Notice how different you feel after 2 or 3 minutes. 

Colouring In

Colouring in – Yep! Just like we did when we were little. Are you the type of person who colours in the lines, or splashes colour everywhere?!
Adult colouring is available free on google images. Or check out Neurographic art on Youtube. 

Colouring in relaxes your mind like meditation. It can reduce stress and anxiety while improving your focus. 


Body Work & Massage

I strongly believe the beautiful & effective energy work we do in a session, goes hand in hand with physical body work; Such as Massage, Acupuncture and Chiropractic treatments. Stress and disruptive energy is stored in the body and many times the physical body needs extra support to release it; especially if the underlying stress has been there for years. Body work enhances your immune system and improves your circulation by flushing out toxins. For you this means an opportunity to feel truly comfortable in your own body.

If you are in Melbourne (Ferntree Gully) and are looking for a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist &/or Chinese Herbs, I HIGHLY recommend Lauren Surridge Lanzoni and her Team at Balanced Life Health Care. Balanced Life Health Care


Gratitude Text to a Friend

Sometimes people go through really hard times and they need help to find hope. 

In cases like this, I set a challenge for them to text me 5 things they are grateful for, EVERY DAY, for a fortnight.  Its one of the easiest ways to find appreciation for the simplest things in life, and to build on that reassurance. 

Get in contact with one of your trusted closest friends. Set the challenge with one another to text each other every day for a fortnight, 5 things your grateful for. “The smile on your childs face”, “Warmth on your skin in the daylight” “The new job your manifesting”.


Start the day with a Positive Intention

Activate your manifesting vibe by starting your morning with a positive intention. This tells your unconscious mind to look out for positive opportunities. “Everything will go my way today”. “I embrace who I am”. “I attract abundance and joy”. “I get paid to be me”.

One of my favorite manifesting processes that is similar to these affirmations, is to write out 100 possibilities to get excited about the future. “It is possible I can wake up with plenty of energy”, “It is possible to be inspired by the universe giving me more then enough health and vitality”.


Nourish Your Body

If your focus is to be the best version of you and you are investing time and money to do the beautiful energy work and make powerful shifts within your mind – it is extremely important to look after your physical body. Eating healthy food (and drinking plenty of water) is crucial for our mood, energy, sleep and attentiveness. I heard Kyle Cease (A thought leader) say that he made a rule for himself that he would only eat raw vegan for three months. If he deviated off this rule, even with just one cookie, he would pay a charity $10,000. Suddenly that “one more cookie” was going to cost him enormously. Kyle reflected back that he noticed brilliant mental clarity, more energy, quality access to his intuition that all resulted in amazing manifestations. I’m not suggesting we go raw-vegan. My favorite comfort food is pancakes. There is a connection between eating well and manifesting well. If you’re having trouble with your weight, let me know. We can clear the limiting beliefs that are holding on to the weight. 


Move that Gorgeous Body

Moving your body is essential to manifesting. Your body is a barometer to your vibration and the law of attraction responds to this frequency. Simply put, if you are feeling stuck and fatigued, that’s your body’s way of telling you are out of alignment. We can clear that energy in a session. However it is important you physically move to dissolve some of that stagnant energy. Oxygenate your body by walking, swimming, dancing, yoga. What ever feels right for you etc.

Sit quietly for 1 minute and ask yourself “what does my body need?” Observe what the needs are and go action it.

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Grounding Barefoot

Many healers say “You need to ground” – but what does that even mean?!

In this modern world, science has proven we accumulate positive charge or electricity in our body that is not good for our well being. We absorb electric & magnetic fields (EMF) from invisible forms of energy from phones and Wifi etc. This causes inflammation, head aches, sleep problems, stress, etc. A simple and effective way to discharge the build up of electricity to bring your body to balance is to stand on the earth – bare foot. Earths energy has a natural way to discharge the overload of electricity. Similar to the grounding wire in our homes. 
This is known as GROUNDING. I highly encourage you to get your feet out of their shoes and socks and go outside to play.

For extra Grounding, use the power of intention, by visualizing roots out the bottom of your feet spreading out to the deep center of the earth. Visualize any build up of heavy energy leaving your body down the roots, so mother earth can turn this energy in to fertilizer. Ask Mother Earth to bring up into you golden energy that helps you resonate at this now time.

It’s a beautiful experience as you breathe in this refreshing new energy.


Surround yourself with encouraging people

It is essential to fall in love with yourself as you move towards your manifestations.  A great way to connect with this love, is to surround yourself with supportive happy friends. Take a look around you, are you drawn to people who exude confidence that create goodness for themselves and others around them? Ask your trusted friends what they appreciate about you? Send a message to your friends a little love note about what you appreciate about them. This is one of the best ways to create appreciation in your life and to amplify your manifesting energy.

Any time I am manifesting a new goal, I consider it to be like a baby. I will only share these with people who are encouraging and can see the full potential in this goal.


Emotional Success = Manifesting

Personal success with manifesting has its foundations in emotional success. Whatever external goals we want to reach, we are aiming for it because it will make us feel good. Simply put, by suppressing our feelings we give our power away. BUT if we take charge of our feelings, we have the power to manifest what we want. 

Your ability to attend to your feelings and emotional triggers will make a massive difference to manifest a rich life. 

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