Are you an Empath?

Protect yourself from other peoples stress

~ Do you find yourself taking on others’ stress?
~Have you been accused of being too sensitive in the past?
Do you feel overwhelmed in crowded spaces?

If you answered yes to these, there is a strong chance you are an Empath.


What is an Empath?

An Empath is a person highly attuned to the feelings and people around them. An Empath will be like a sponge absorbing the energy of people around them and have trouble discerning their feelings and what is the feelings of others. They are –

– Highly attuned to energy.
– Get lost in deep emotions. 
– Acutely observant of others. 
– Highly creative. 
– Natural listener and nurturer.
– Have difficulty receiving.

Believe it or not, being an Empath can have its advantages and disadvantages. Empaths tend to be warm, compassionate, and intelligent.
But they are easily over stimulated by their sensitivity to light, noise and crowds. Empaths do not like confrontation, stress, or arguments as it overloads their system. 

How does someone become an Empath?

Growing up in a healthy environment, its important parents formulate internal validation with young children by asking them “What do you think?”.

Typically, Empaths grow up in a chaotic home when they had to make sure their parents were ok. A child empath would energetically (or psychically) “read” the room before they went in, and then adjusted themselves to make sure they kept the peace for the adult. Growing up, whatever the task that was given to them, an empath child had to get it right as it was detrimental to make mistakes. This led them to be an A+ student, perfectionist, or high achiever.

Their beliefs are formed during this period about not being enough or doing enough. 
Empaths are driven to serve, easily say “yes” and avoid saying “no” to people’s requests. They easily agree with what people say over their own opinion and have trouble making decisions. They were not taught how to make their own decisions. This makes it hard to have a sense of self and drowns out an Empaths intuition.

This starts the road for an adult Empath to seek out external validation from others to make decisions about who they are or what they should do.


Why Empaths often attract a narcissist as a partner

Even though it’s a toxic co-dependent combination, Empaths have a high chance of ending up with a narcissist. Despite the fact that these two types of people are on opposite ends of the emotional care spectrum, they seem drawn together like moths to flames.

This is because empaths have a lot of compassion and understanding to give, while narcissists thrive on someone worshiping them. However, just because they are drawn to narcissist, does not mean they are obligated to stay with them.

What is the spiritual path for an Empath?

It’s true that an Empath will have highly tuned psychic skills, but they don’t have any boundaries like a psychic does. A psychic will observe the energy around them, where an Empath will take this one step further by sampling or experiencing the energy around them to check if their surroundings are safe.

This means they rarely turn off their spiritual abilities and burn themselves out by overloading their sensory input. Due to taking on board so many peoples energy, their back energy centres, (or chakras) will be blocked. These energy centres are like filters and need to have the energy move through them. This will need a specialized energy healer to undo this blocked energy.

Spiritually in this lifetime, an Empath is to complete ancestral Karma. Typically, they have soul contracts to claim their voice and speak THEIR truth. They are here to discover their self-worth and experience polarity of choice.   

They may have had past lives where they were the narcissist, or they may have had lifetimes where they disrespected boundaries. They are here to master their psychic abilities while standing in their power without giving their power away and learn to be decisive.

Scientifically what's going on for an Empath?

Research shows us that an empaths Mirror Neurons are working overtime compared to the average person. These are the compassion neurons of the brain that are responsible for mirroring the emotions of those we come in contact with. (We also see this in mothers with a new-born as their nervous system is on high alert to detect what is going on for their baby and to act accordingly).  

Looking at more science, dopamine is the pleasure hormone. Empaths need smaller amounts of Dopamine to feel good compared to their extrovert friends who get their dopamine fix from being at big parties and events. Empaths get drained easily from sensory overstimulation and this can also overload to their electromagnetic energy field (this is the electrical current that exist in the human body due to the chemical reactions that occur as part of the normal bodily functions).

Empaths love to connect and get a lot more satisfaction from 1-on-1 interaction. This is when their natural nurturing abilities shine. Empaths feel compassion for everything and everybody.

However, people who have experienced higher levels of Empathic qualities have trouble with:

  • Healthy ongoing relationships,
  • Rewarding careers and
  • Financial freedom & wealth

These all comes back to their issues with being able to “receive” as it does not come naturally to receive any more.


How to protect yourself as an Empath

It is crucial that you use effective modalities such as Hypnotherapy, & NLP to clear the beliefs around being an Empath that hold you back, as you align back to the highest truth of who you are. It’s important to learn what the difference is between your energy and the energy of others. 

~ Be selective to who you spend time with.
~Avoid chronic talkers, drama and people who complain a lot. This will absolutely bring down your energy as your heart is so open. 
~ Find time for yourself. This may mean finding time away by yourself in nature while you are not being bombarded by any one else’s feelings or stress.

If you feel triggered you can – 
~ simply close your eyes, breathe, and get centred. Call in your guides and firmly command “If this energy is not mine, take it away” and then feel the energy drop off you.
~ Ask your guides to put a bubble of light around you to strengthen your boundary.
~ When you are in the shower, you can imagine washing away the energy of others that you have absorbed. 
~ Ask Arch Angel Michael to cut the cords of anyone who has intruded in on your space. Imagine that energy goes back to them.

I’m pleased to share with you. 
If you need any extra help, please get in touch with me.

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