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Enhance your Intuition with Tarot & Claire

Have you ever found yourself feeling stuck and just needing another perspective? Or perhaps you found yourself wondering why this is happening to why me? This is when Tarot makes a BIG difference in your life. 

Not only will the Tarot tell you what is blocking you from having what you want, it will give you deep understanding of possible solutions through life’s challenges. When you understand the language within the Tarot, you can quickly identify what your Higher-Self wants you to know, so life becomes easier to live through daily challenges. 

While Tarot can be known as “Witchy”, “Woo-Woo” or “Psychic future telling”, truth is, Tarot is a tool to help you enhance your intuition, your ultimate self development tool. I find Tarot goes hand in hand with every day life, as I pull a cards every single day. For me, my family, my clients and my loved ones.  

In this fun and interactive program, I will make enhancing your intuition EASY by learning Tarot.
I will help you clear away the confusion and doubt around your connection with the universe and feel more aligned to your intuition.
Even if you are new to Tarot, you will will discover effective methods to connect and confidently trust your intuition. 

This program is for you if you are:

~ Curious of how Tarot works.
~ Seeking certainty on the path you should take.
~ Ready to unlock the power of your intuition.
~ Constantly seeing repetitive patterns, such as 1111
~ Someone who loves to help others on their path.
Spiritually curious.
Drawn to angel cards.
~ Need help making decisions.
~ Ready to connect to the support of the universe.
~ Excited to move into alignment with your highest truth & purpose to manifest a wonderful life.

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As a Women’s Empowerment Coach, I find the sharper my intuition, the quicker my clients see results. Utilizing the accurate insights from the Tarot can speed up my ability to get to the root cause of the problem. AS WELL AS finding the solution super fast.
You can trust the answers from your intuition when manifesting business, money, clients, your home & so much more.

What you can expect during this course

Truth is, we are all born with the innate ability to follow our intuition.  Many of us dial down our intuition growing up, as we focus on listening to our parents for guidance. Being independent from our parents, we forget to dial up our intuition.

Knowing how to read Tarot and enhance your intuition is life changing.
Each card has its own energy, and they all feel like coming back to trusted friends. Believe me, if you want the truth, Tarot will not hold back. They show parts of ourselves that we have pushed down, that we need to look at to be able to move forward and manifest the life we desire. Tarot will give your logical mind an instant interpretation of what your intuition is trying to tell you, by using pictures and symbols. You can read for yourself and others.

During this course, you will:

~ Connect & communicate with your Tarot Guides.
~ Recognize the signs & symbols specific for you to know you are on the right path. 
~ Be comfortable listening to the guidance of your intuition.
~ Learn how to accurately read Tarot for yourself and others.
~ Improve your manifesting of what your heart desires.
~ Break free from your fear of Tarot
~ Learn what the difference is between your intuition and your ego.
~ Attract more synchronicities and opportunities that are highly rewarding.
~ Easily connect to the wisdom shared in the Tarot.
~ Feel connected to like minded friends who share this soul journey. 


This high quality program contains so much

  • 6 weekly zoom sessions of 60 – 90 minutes.
  • Valuable 68 page Tarot Guidance handbook to download & print.
  • Receive readings from your fellow students. 
  • Intuitive Questionnaire to discover how your unique Intuition communicates to YOU.
  • Multiple opportunities to practice your Tarot skills. 
  • Mini Tarot reading from Claire to show you how to get the most out of Tarot connection.
  • Other resources from my many hours of research to help you gain clarity and certainty.
  • Access to our Facebook Tarot Tribe to ask questions and feel connected between sessions.
  • And so much more.

This program is based on the Rider-Waite tarot deck.
You can buy these for about $25 on Ebay or online at book shops.
To buy online, see the link at the bottom of this page.


These meetings are a sacred space to connect with your intuition, the Tarot and one another, therefore there are limited spaces available to ensure you get quality time you deserve.
The Tarot groups are very uplifting and a lot of fun. So much so, the previous groups are still meeting for Tarot practice; which I’ve been happy to facilitate. 
At this stage, I am planning on running the next group in 2022. Dates haven’t been decided, but I can tell you it will be something like a Wednesday night 6.30pm kind of timing (Melbourne time). 

We cover a lot in our time together. It’s great to bring a friend so you can practise readings.

If you are interested in joining us in our next group, please let me know with the contact form below.
I can message you closer to the time when I have more details.

I look forward to connecting with you soon, Claire

What other beautiful clients have said after this course

Jesse has provided a beautiful and encouraging video testimonial for you to hear about her experience learning how to enhance her intuition with Tarot. In this vide she says “I pull Tarot cards every single day”. “Tarot is an AMAZING practice and tool. It is a tool for self awareness for situations in your life. It brings more options through the intuition in the card. Ways through your day and different perspectives so you can move through it with out being in auto piolet. It helps you bring in so much self awareness. Its a really really cool thing!”

- Jesse -

As soon as I found out Claire was teaching a training on all things tarot and intuition I was all in, and it did not disappoint, it completely exceeded my expectations! I am over the moon with how I feel after completing this training, as I feel like not only did I learn how to understand the tarot and use it in my daily life as well as with clients, it allowed me to tap in to a new level of confidence within trusting myself and my intuition, which is such a game changer!
The way Claire teaches this is so beyond anything you could ever learn in a book or video, I really feel like it’s a journey much deeper than just tarot, but at the same time, gives you SO much confidence to use tarot with certainty and ease! If you’ve wanted to learn tarot, trust me when I say, Claire is a magician tarot trainer!

- India -

Being a participant in Claire’s Tarot class was both educational and entertaining. Claire is a gifted teacher and her wealth of knowledge is second to none. I have a completely different understanding of the Tarot, thanks to Claire and the other participants. I can highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to know more about the traditional tarot and how to use them. 

Thank you Claire for your empathy, wisdom and super fun class.

- Sue -

Over the past 6 weeks I was lucky enough to participate and be a part of Clair’s online Tarot course. If you are interested in learning about tarot, this course is for you. If you already know some things about tarot this course is for you, too. 
Claire is extremely talented and gifted at what she does with Tarot being one of many strings to her bow. For me, I learnt that tarot was a way of fine tuning, articulating, and communicating my intuition into words and images. I experienced tarot as way of communicating feelings that were already there beneath the surface.  
Claire’s passion and drive to teach and share her knowledge was very apparent and obvious in her enthusiasm when delivering her lessons. All lessons were structured with a purpose and all questions, knowledge and stories were welcome for discussion amongst the group.  The vibe and atmosphere allowed me to feel comfortable at home which was reassuring as the tarot course was my first short course completed online via Zoom. I highly recommend Claire and her Tarot course to anyone interested in learning about how to read Tarot cards… who knows who you will meet in the group, you may even bump in to an old friend from a past life…

- Ellen -

How Tarot changed my life and can change yours as well

It was 12 years ago. I took the opportunity to learn Tarot. My life changed. My intuition bloomed. The excitement was enormous as I discovered this amazing tool that helped me come back into alignment with who I really am.

As a natural born psychic (and empowerment coach), my absolute passion is intuitively reading for people, helping them manifest what their heart desires. Sometimes, this means clearing limiting beliefs to get them out of doubt and uncertainty. In other words, we undo all your mistakes for not listening to their intuition.

I’ve refined my skills by reading for 1000’s of people worldwide and on stage. When I do readings, I use my clairvoyant skills to link into the energy PLUS, I always use my Tarot cards, to know that I am giving a client the most accurate reading. It’s important to have integrity to read the energy that is currently being projected for the other person. 

It was when I made the decision to learn tarot, that I felt like I was coming back to old familiar friends.
It gave me the freedom and guidance to move forward with certainty with my intuition.

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