Resolve emotional triggers

Emotional triggers are awful to experience, as they seem to come out of nowhere. Someone says something or someone does something and the next minute you’re triggered into an uncomfortable feeling, such as sadness, overwhelm, anxiety etc. The question is where do these emotional triggers come from? Being aware of the trigger, what can we do to resolve it so that you have an empowered mindset? Click on the link to find out more. 

Steps to change your beliefs

People often refer to limiting beliefs, changing beliefs, or creating empowering beliefs. But what are beliefs?!
While it is nice to hear a friend say “You just have to believe in yourself” the question is, when did your beliefs become so disempowering? Let’s explore what are beliefs so that you can change them.

How do you do anxiety?

I know, it’s a strange question, right? Many clients are often surprised by this question. But the truth is if you have anxiety (or depression) you are going to ‘do’ it in a unique way. Once you know how you ‘do’ anxiety you can resolve the cause of your anxiety to create permanent change.

Resolve Feelings of Judgment

Any time we entangle ourselves in judgment (in the good vs bad, right vs wrong etc), we literally solidify the energy.
Any wonder why we feel stuck, heavy and drained? We need to be aware of polarity without getting entangled in it.
If you think about an area of your life where you have been judged, notice how your body and mind experience that charge. (Even writing this I can feel it). It’s this charge that stops us from having the awareness of another point of view.

Anger and Boundaries

You know that white knuckle, jaw-clenching anger? Someone did something or said something and your entire body is tense…. Doesn’t it just make you want to scream?! or perhaps you are like me and it makes you want to cry! Anger is a secondary emotion that can cause fatigue, brain fog, and other health problems. Let’s get to the root cause of your issue so that you can live from an empowered mindset.

What stops you from achieving success?

In each and every scenario you experience, your mind will automatically put a ‘meaning’ or a judgment to what is going on around you. Judgment actually makes us stuck in what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’. It will limit to you to what is possible. Attaching yourself to judgments, drama or comparisons is the fastest way to drop your energy to a lower frequency leaving you feeling heavy and dense. This is when we are at “Effect” to the outside world and perceive things are happening to you Vs knowing the key steps to empower yourself to create success you desire.

Procrastination vs Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a self-defence mechanism where the unconscious mind says, “if something is polished and finished to perfection, no one can criticize me”.

Procrastination is much the same. Again, it is another self-defence mechanism where the unconscious mind says, “If something is not finished, no one can criticize or judge me, simply because it is not finished”.

Self Enquiry to resolve emotional triggers

Have you recently felt triggered? Ready to do some self-enquiry to shift the emotional stress? Grab your journal to un-pack what is going on so that you can feel empowered moving forward.

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