Intuition or Ego?

How can I tell the difference between my
Intuition & my Ego?

Can you hear the voice of your intuition?

When you were a baby, your intuition was loud & pure. But over time it got faint as we listened to what other people want. This is when the ego is formed. The ego is dependent on you needing something outside of yourself. The ego wants control so it stays attached to fear, judgment, low self-worth. It will have you do anything to avoid that horrible criticized feeling. The Ego is focused on urgency and away from now. So its an unsettled kind of energy.

The voice of your intuition is pure, but it may not be an audible sound, more like a sensation. It comes from a place of self love. Normally when you ask yourself a question, your intuition is the very first answer. Its very patient and will bring in desire and the things that uplift your energy. 

Next time you want to make a decision, quite your mind. Come to the present time. Hand on your heart, what’s important to you about this decision? Breathe and listen to that humble inner voice. 

Your ego may want to jump in and will give you a list of what you “should do” or “what will other people think?”
Following your intuition, means being clear on what’s important to you. Many times people won’t listen to their intuition because they are fearful of trusting themselves and rely on external validation. This can easily be resolved in a session.

It does take time to train your intuition. Be easy on yourself as you learn to tap in to this powerful part of you.

Why is it so hard to listen to your intuition?

I used to think my intuition would lead me down the ‘right’ path and steer me away from the ‘wrong’ path.

It was an ah-ha moment when I learned that your intuition will call you to be vulnerable and create an entire new path, one that requires change. That’s why it can be so hard to follow intuition as we have a natural instinct to pull away from what is unfamiliar.

If you can get comfortable with being uncomfortable, your intuition will lead you to be in alignment with your purpose. So, if your souls purpose is here to learn about self-empowerment, your intuition will move you towards obtaining this.

Your Ego will go against your intuition and will use whatever it can to keep you from changing. It will trigger the emotional body and release fear. It will drive up your anxiety making your logical mind race with all the reasons why you shouldn’t go ahead.

I admit, the Ego Intuition conversation can be confusing.

There are so many aspects playing out. Such as the emotional body, the mental body, your instincts, your ego, your intuition, your psychic senses and your instincts.

This is why coaching is so powerful. Coaching will help you resolve old limiting patterns & familiar outgrown habits, so you Intuition can lead you forward to manifest the best version of you.  

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