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How to manifest YOUR HOME

Home is where memories are created

I have a few clients who are ready to move house and want to manifest a new home that is right for them. Moving home is a life changing decision, so it makes sense to be particular and get it right. Many times, looking for a new home comes with uncertainty and possibly a level of stress & excitement all rolled in to one.

  • “Should I move into that suburb?”
  • “Should I move in with my partner?”
  • … or even bigger “Should I move interstate?”

I often get asked “How can I get clarity from my guides about this big move”. Truth is, your Guides & Universe are waiting for you to get clear on what it is that YOU WANT …and why you want it.

I want to share with you everything I learned about manifesting a home, so that it is quick and effective for you to manifest your home quickly.

Manifest your dream home visualisation

Your limitations are only in your mind

When it comes to manifesting, (or law of attraction), it starts with looking at your thoughts.
What do you want, what do you not want. And why? The more descriptive the better. 

When I was renting, I was definitely in a limited state of mind. It got to the point where I felt under pressure and I wanted to own my own home. I wanted to have the freedom and flexibility to do what I want with it for me and my four daughters. 
To manifest my home, I had to go inward to look at the ugly and heavy limiting beliefs that I was carrying around me that was keeping me from my dream. Some of these sounded like

  • “I cant afford it”.
  • “I feel worthless and small”
  • “What if I loose something that is important to me?”
  • “I’m going to have to work harder and longer to save enough money”.
  • “The market is too competitive” etc.
    ….sound familiar??

Many people say Limiting beliefs are lies you chose to believe. To be honest, looking at my limitations was not easy and really stretched my reality. I had to work with my coach & energy healers to rearrange my energy, find the balance between control and surrender, set new standards and beliefs for myself, to make it possible for me to own my home. The desire to be in my own home was so strong, I was willing to do anything. And it worked. 


What do you want?
What do you not want? Why?

In the past, I told a client to write out a specific list of what she wants.
e.g., 3 Bedrooms, new kitchen, beautiful view, double garage etc.

But this client gave her guides and the universe a list of what she did not want. E.g., “I don’t want to be on a main road etc”. Her Guides followed her request and guided her to her perfect dream home that was part of a battle axe, meaning that it was the 2nd  house behind the front house ….it was OFF THE MAIN road.

Technically, she got what she wanted. If she had said “I want a home on a quiet street” the outcome would have been quite different. She would have found her dream home on a quiet street.


What is on your list?

Set a side some time to write a list of what is really important to you about what you want from your home. – not what your parents want, not what your friends say you should have etc. 

If you have a partner, sit down separately, and write out your lists on what you want. Make sure you both write out these lists when you are in a good mood and feeling open to possibilities. Don’t create your list when you are in a bad mood, stressed or in doubt.

Pretend like you had a magic wand and could have anything you want. What would it look like? What would it feel like? How would it even sound in your mind? (Children giggles?)


Manifest Supportive Experts

Next, you need to work through all the practical things you have to do when buying a home. Such as budget, understanding what costs are involved, get a feel for the market, and get plenty of expert advice. While the Law of Attraction can seem spiritual or invisible, we still live in 3D human world that requires physical action and interacting with other people.

Many times, our limiting beliefs will cause us to hesitate to look at the facts; fearing it will bring up more issues and doubt. However it is part of the process to get clarity moving forward.

These experts can help you REVERSE ENGINEER your plan by starting at your end goal and working back with how much of a deposit is needed? Do you need to save (or manifest) a bit more of a deposit to get into the next level of borrowing capacity? Or they may have loopholes with tax or stamp duty. Who knows? It helps to break down this BIG goal into micro goals so it feels more achievable. It’s also important to manifest the professional people who can help make your goals happen. That is what they are there for, your success is there success.


Get curious about your beliefs

Next you need to get curious and look at your beliefs. If you look at your list of what you want from a new home and find yourself saying “I can’t afford this” or “Its is impossible for me to have what I want… This is going to put a buffer of fear and doubt that will push against you manifesting your home.

We need to remove the fear and doubt.

The easiest, quickest, most effective way to clear unconscious fear or doubt is utilizing NLP or Hypnotherapy. Its my personal go to method when I want to manifest. I find it to be an investment that speeds up the process.

People want things for a reason. Check in with yourself if your focus is to move towards what you want; or are you motivated to move away from current problem such as house issues/ location / neighbours. Its important to do the inner work to reduce your stress; rather than compromising or moving away from problems that could follow you. 

If its freedom, or security you want, focus on the feeling of this. Find moments in your day when you  already feel free and secure. Law of attraction will give you more of this and align you to a home that matches how you feel.


Vision board? Have a vision wall

A vision wall is one of many tools you can use to reprogram your mind and your energy to align with what you want. However, I don’t have a vision board, I have a vision WALL. In fact, I have a few. Inside the door of my kitchen cupboard are images of the renovations I want to do to my home one day. On my bedroom wall are images of destinations and experiences I want to share with my family.

Its important to have pictures that make YOU feel excited about your new home. Your mind is wired to see opportunity. The more you show your unconscious mind what to focus on, the more it will draw in opportunities that match what you want to create – your home.

Find images on Google that match this list and that represent the feelings and the goals of what you want.  Remember your phone screen is something you look at hundreds of times a week. This is fabulous manifesting opportunity to put a digital vision wall as background, so your unconscious mind will soak in all of these images and feelings to put energy out in to the universe to attract exactly what you want.


Powerful affirmations

If you like affirmations this is the easiest and effective one: “Thank you for my safe and secure home”.
I put this on a post it note on my fridge and in my car where I could see it and say it often. 

“I am excited and happy to move into my new home.”

“Every day I move closer to the ideal home for me.”

“I find it easy to think positively about owning my new home”

“My mind is fully focused on owning a new home”

“I know and trust that this will all work out for me in the best and possible way”


Visualise walking through your home

To Visualise the home you are manifesting can be fun and beautiful process. I know I found it to uplifting as I walked through my new home.

Ask yourself: If I had a magic wand to make anything happen, what would my life look like?

Does it have a clean look, white walls and timber floors? or perhaps its softer with carpets and warm tones? Whatever is right for you. You need to know what type of aesthetics you value about your home so you can make this process feel as real as possible. It is best to visualise your home when you are in an optimistic, flowing kind of mood.

Start to imagine how it looks, the sounds of your friends and family laughing (or the peace and quiet), the fragrance of your perfume in the bedroom and even the taste of that champagne to celebrate the big move.

Feel yourself walking to the entrance. How does the handle feel to open that door? Notice the emotions as if this is your life and reality now. Continue walking through your home with gratitude and appreciation. Look at the kitchen, your lounge room, the backyard, the bathrooms and even the storage. (As a mum of four daughters I LOVE STORAGE.).

When you feel like you have walked through your home, come back to the present time.

Ask yourself: What is one thing I could do today that would help me get closer to the life I want?

When you start to create your life there, you will be faced with challenges. The easiest way to overcome these challenges … such as “How will I afford this?” “How can I make this happen?” – Is to have a session to enhance your manifesting so the universe can deliver your home to you in an easier and quicker way.

As a hypnotherapist, I plan on adding a guided visualisation here for you to listen to. In the meantime, Youtube has some great resources on this topic.

Untitled design (14)

Coming close to your home

When you find potential home, that you want to buy, we can do an Intuitive Reading and check in with your Guides about what the energy is like there to ensure you have the clarity to move forward.

When I was really close to having the home I wanted, I asked for permission from the land if it was going to welcome my energy. When I got a “Yes”, I called in my Guides to put in a BIG wall of energy in front of this home as a barrier that it made it harder for other buyers to see or connect to.

Essentially, I putting my territory and energy field over this home to protect it for me and the highest good. It worked well as I was the only bid for the home, and we won it. You can do this too.


Selling your current house

When it comes to selling your current house, avoid going through your home complaining about the things that need to be fixed or the problems you experienced there.

Instead, walk through your home with gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful memories and security it gave you in the time that you lived there. This will enhance the energy to welcome in buyers who want this for themselves and are willing to pay for these qualities.

If your current house is not selling, reflect on these ideas:
~ You don’t believe you can sell it.
~ You don’t want to sell it. 
~ You are not ready to let it go.
~ There are things you don’t want people to see.

You can energetically cleanse the home to remove your energy. (see link at the bottom for instructions on this).
Ask your guides to dial up the unconditional love in your home, and to have it energetically shining brightly so the right buyer sees it. Remember, you don’t need lots of buyers, you just need the right one.


This dream can be your reality

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