Meet your trainer, Claire Chancellor

Hi, I'm Claire

When it comes to the coaching journey, I have been through all the stages of coaching. From nervous client, to eager coaching student, to building a successful coaching business, right to the top training coaching skills to others. 

Like anything in life, making changes starts with one powerful decision to step forward and make it happen. I’ve been there and know how uplifting it was to decide to learn NLP. I have studied under highly regarded trainers, in fact I was so enthusiastic, I learned my NLP Masters twice! Once with an Australian company and once with an American company. That’s a whopping 260+ hours of  Masters training. I can tell you first hand that both companies teach the same processes, however their approach is quite different. In the end, you are the one who benefits from my experience, as I can teach you the best of the best.

I am very enthusiastic about NLP as I can (and do) talk for HOURS about the EFFECTIVENESS of NLP. Thankfully my partner David is also an NLP Trainer, so you can imagine our long drive conversations are often exploring what is possible with NLP.

I am one of the first in Australia to earn the right to teach NLP over Zoom and have since taught it to people all over the world. While other trainers have a focus to use NLP for sales and marketing, my focus has always been to work with wellness professionals and spiritually minded people, to be able to assist others to heal and manifest a life with passion. 

Before I trained in NLP, I immersed myself in other modalities, such as Holistic Counselling, Advanced Theta Healing, Hypnotherapy, Quantum Energy and so much more. These unique perspectives on healing, ensures that I can deliver a holistic approach in my training. This means I can teach you effective methods to help others transform within their mind, body and soul. 

It is true that you do need to walk through your own limitations before you can help others to succeed. I know I have earned my “Golden Bachelor Degree” in Life, going from Domestic Violence, Divorce, Poverty, & PTSD to feeling healthy, energetic, owning my own home and honoured to serve clients from all over the world. 

You also need to know I am an extremely proud Mum of my four daughters. (Lilly, Emma, Maddison & CJ). While I don’t know how mums get it all done, I completely understand that it is important to model for our children that they too can achieve their dreams. And WOW does it feel great to do so. It is with certainty that I Coach & Train my clients to the same high standard that I would want (and expect) to receive.

My intention is to create highly interactive and practical training that you can utilize immediately; which means you can start transforming your life, and lives of others, easily and effectively.

I really look forward to connecting with YOU. Sincerely, Claire

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