NLP Representational System

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NLP Representational System

This Questionnaire is used to measure your personal Representational system. – This is a measure on how you perceive, experience and communicate what is important to you. 

We all use our five senses to interact with the world (Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory, & Gustatory) . Its through our senses that we communicate our inner world to the outside world and vice versa.
For example, Some people are more visual and rely on communicating by describing pictures and images …”Get the picture?” While other people can be Kinaesthetic, which means they rely on their feelings to describe what’s important to them. …”Does that feel right to you?”

Many people have a preferred representational system, however we all use a percentage of all four that is being measured with this Questionnaire.

Knowing the results from this questionnaire is REALLY IMPORTANT for successful coaching. I will be able to help you achieve your goals easier by utilizing the strengths of your unconscious mind to ensure results in a shorter amount of time. 

For each statement, please number them 4, 3, 2, and 1, in the order of your preference. 

4. Best Describes You
3. Next Best Description
2. A little less like you
1. Least Like You


Questionnaire Example

Here is an example explaining the numbering of the four statements for a question. (For the questionnaire to work, you must fill out each box and you must use 4, 3, 2, & 1 for each question)

EXAMPLE: When you first meet a person you 
A. Observe what they look like4
B. Listen to the sound of their voice 1
C. Check out how you feel about them 2
D. Figure out their age 3

NLP Representational System

Please complete the NLP Representational systems questionnaire below.  Simply answer the first thing that comes to mind.
4 being most like you, 3 somewhat like you, 2 little less like you, 1 least like you.
There are 12 questions to answer. Make sure you press the “SEND” button at the end. 

Claire will review your information and will cover it throughout the program

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