How are your Past Lives holding you back?

Past Life Regression is a powerful form of healing that involves hypnotherapy to explore other lives that you have lived in history.

Our souls are magnificent and have been on many journeys, like a train stopping at various stations. Many times people find the solution to their problem from past life experience. For example, I had a client who had anxiety and claustrophobia being in a small space. During a Past Life Regression, we discovered they had died when a Mine collapsed in on them. However, in this life time, their unconscious mind was creating panic as a way to alert my client to get out of the small elevator space. It made perfect sense. After a one session with Past Life Regression, their anxiety was resolved.

Some people are curious about their Past Lives and want to understand where or how they know their current loved ones. I find it fascinating when I regress family members and they go back tot he exact same past life.

My priority is to create a safe and comfortable experience as we travel to other times. We will meet your guides and possibly loved ones who have crossed over too. I will help you discover what happened in the past that has been holding you back in this lifetime and bring forward a greater sense of personal power.  Clients who have experienced profound healing because of the regression work.


  • Have a fear that can’t be resolved.
  • Feeling lost and searching for your life’s purpose.
  • Want to understand connections with people in this lifetime.
  • Ready to release health issues that seem to have no cause
  • Have a fascination with a specific location, time in history or a particular person. (e.g. Henry 8th court or ancient Egypt)
  • Resolve your soul contracts to free yourself from relationship challenges
  • Discover more of your souls purpose to lead yourself down a meaningful path.

Discover how the patterns of your past lives, are playing out now. Lets make the changes to free up your life ahead. 
The session will go between 60-90 minutes. It is held over the phone, so you are in the comfort of your own home. 


Are you curious about past lives? ME TOO! Its one of my favourite topics. Steph has a dynamic way of asking me all the intricate and fascinating details about Past life regression and why we should all experience this fascinating perspective. Click the link below to check it out.

What other beautiful clients have said after Past Life Regression

“I recently experienced a past life regression with Claire that was truly profound and insightful for me. Experiencing the session with Claire was amazing, her energy felt light and vibrant’ clear, confident and very empowering as she took me through the process – all delivered over the phone! Fantastic! Thank you Claire – Melanie”

- Melanie -

“Oh my god I feel amazing. So much lighter after experiencing Past Life Regression with Claire. The resentment has really shifted. Im also noticing some positive physical changes. I’ve had some back pain recently and that’s drastically reduced. I also feel like my posture is better and I have more energyAmazing, Thank you – Nicole”

- Nicole -

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