"Who were you in a past life, and more importantly, how is it impacting you now?"

Let's explore your past lives

What are the benefits of Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression is a powerful form of healing that sets your heart free. Through Past Life Regression we can discover soul contracts and other dynamics that your soul is holding on to that is waiting to be resolved in this lifetime. Our logical mind keeps us locked into this now moment within linear time, however, our unconscious mind gives us access to float out of this reality and open doors to where our soul has travelled.

Many people who seek out past life regression are often feeling stuck in this life, so they are looking for insights and clarity moving forward.

Once you understand where your soul has been, it is easy to discover what your purpose is moving forward. The question is, who were you in a past life?

Let go of the struggles and step into a newfound freedom

  • Understanding relationship dynamics.
  • Receiving money rather than rejecting abundance.
  • Feeling lost and searching for your life’s purpose.
  • Discover why you may be an empath and sensitive to other people’s energy.
  • Resolve fears and anxieties.
  • Explore fertility challenges to make it easier to have a baby in this lifetime.
  • Release health issues that seem to have no cause.
  • Dissolve any sabotaging energy so that you feel lighter to manifest what your heart desires
  • Resolve your soul contracts to free yourself from relationship challenges!

In a session we can...

  • Meet your spirit guides.
  • Discover your soul contracts.
  • Explore between lives.
  • Have an encounter with your star council.
  • Travel to lives beyond Earth and into another dimension.
  • And so much more. 
The question is… are you ready for life to change after this experience?

Your struggles could be caused by past lives.

Your struggles could be caused by past lives.

  • Feeling lost and searching for your life’s purpose.
  • Want to understand connections with people in this lifetime.
  • Feeling stuck in life and want to manifest a thriving business. 
  • Have been told you are an Empath and sensitive to other people’s energy. 
  • Have a fear that can’t be resolved.
  • Ready to release health issues that seem to have no cause.
  • Having trouble receiving and so therefore struggle with money.
  • Ready to release any sabotaging energy so that you feel lighter to manifest what your heart desires.
  • Have a fascination with a specific location, time in history or a particular person. (e.g. Henry 8th court or ancient Egypt)
  • Resolve your soul contracts to free yourself from relationship challenges
  • Discover more of your souls purpose to lead yourself down a meaningful path.

Let's explore your souls journey

My priority is to create a safe and comfortable experience as we travel to other times. We will meet your guides and possibly loved ones who have crossed over too. I will help you discover what happened in the past that has been holding you back in this lifetime and bring forward a greater sense of personal power.  Clients who have experienced profound healing because of the regression work.
While it is my intention to help you travel back to past lives, it is common for my clients to travel back before they were here on Earth. When your guides indicate that we need to go much deeper, I will accomodate.
Not only will you experience past life regression, you will also experience an energy healing as we shift any sabotaging energy, so that the abundant energy can help you manifest a much easier path. 

Discover how the patterns of your past lives, are playing out now. Let’s make the changes to free up your life ahead. 

Be a Past Life Regression Practitioner

Past life regression is a powerful tool that can help you explore and unlock the mysteries of your past lives, allowing you to heal from emotional and physical wounds, discover your life purpose, and gain a deeper understanding of who you are. Through Past Life Regression we can discover soul contracts and other dynamics that waiting to be resolved in this lifetime. This training provides you with the skills and scripts to facilitate past-life regression for your clients.
Join us on this transformative training as we delve into the depths of your soul and uncover your hidden treasures of you.

What you can expect from a session

This is a 20min video where I go into depth about what you can expect from a session. In this video I cover:

  • How your answers on the pre coaching questionnaire make a difference to your outcome.
  • How your guides get involved in a session
  • Soul Contracts & your purpose on Earth.
  • Where we hold on to the energy that blocks us moving forward.
  • What you can do to get the most out of our time together
  • and so much more.

It's important to me that you are comfortable

I facilitate all my 1on1 sessions over the phone. I have worked this way for 10+ years as most of my clients are overseas. From thousands of client success stories, I know the results are much better when you are in your comfort zone and in your own surroundings. My clients prefer to lay in their own bed, sit in the car, or be somewhere where they have their privacy.
Some people may ask “Can we do it over Zoom?” and to be honest with you, it is the worst thing to have Zoom drop out if you are deep in a trance. I also need to be able to hear you, so it is better when you have your headphones with your phone nearby. The sessions are incredibly powerful especially when you set the intention to come away with an amazing transformation. 
Most appointments are available in the mornings & afternoons with the occasional spot available in the evening, as I facilitate my group work at night.

It is important to me that you are comfortable with the way that I work. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Below is a list of free resources on "Past Lives"

Spiritual Awakening Series -
Past Life Regression

Claire featuring on Jesse Waynes "Master your mindset"

In this episode, Jesse & Claire talk about Past Life Regression.
We explore answers to these questions:

  • What is the benefit of Past Life Regression?
  • Does Past Life Regression help you with your current life?
  • How do I know if Past Life Regression is right for me?
  • What areas of my life are worth exploring?

Past Life Regression Q&A

What kind of issues can past life regression help me with?

Past Life Regression is like opening a photo album to your past. It is like recalling the feelings, thoughts, sounds, and images from a holiday. So while you may not be extremely visual, you will still gain a sensory experience of your souls journey. 

Is it possible to meet my spirit guides in a session?

Yes! absolutely. Guides know that once a session is booked, they often visit me before the session has started as a way of preparing for our time together. My Guides will connect with your Guides. It really is a dynamic conversation. 

Is there a benefit to do more than one session?

Yes, absolutely. Sometimes we have multiple areas of Karma or soul contracts that are linked to past lives. Therefore it can require more than one session. 

Keep in mind – the more you do hypnosis, the easier it becomes, just like building a muscle. If you are new to hypnotherapy, meditation or trance work, then you may need extra sessions to gain your confidence to be familiar with how it works. 

Have I shared a past life with friends and family?

Yes, absolutely. We are all part of a ‘soul family’ (which does not mean blood related family). Our souls come together life time after lifetime to help each other with our souls purpose. It is fascinating to discover what role your mum was in a past life, or how you know your best friends. 

How can Past Life Regression help me understand my purpose?

There is a difference between “the purpose of this lifetime” and “the purpose of your existence”. 

With Past life regression, you have the option to go ‘between lives’ to better understand what your soul agreed to learn before you came into this body. 

Do we have past lives just on Earth?

Simply put, it is common that we have had past lives even before Earth even existed.
Many of us are ‘Star seeds’ which means that our soul originates from other worlds outside of time. 

How do I know I am not making it up?

Your experiences in a Past life can only come from what you have experienced in some way. If you recount an event in your life and check with someone else they will usually say it happened in a different way. We all have our own perception that creates our own stories. 

It is common for your logical mind to feel like you are making it up. However your heart will know the truth. 

What if I don’t see anything or I’m not a very visual person?

Our soul is here to grow, learn and evolve. It will carry forward patterns one lifetime to another until we complete the lesson it intended to learn, before your spirit came into this lifetime. With that in mind, issues such as anxiety, money worries, trouble speaking up, food allergies could be resolved with Past Life Regression. 

Can we explore between lives and soul contracts?

Yes. Experiencing this space between lives is a phenomenal experience. It is fascinating to discover why you chose what you did for this lifetime. Plus we have the option to make changes to the timeline moving forward.

My personal story:
"Why past lives are so important"

Past Life Regression is a powerful form of healing that involves hypnotherapy to explore other lives that you have lived in history.
Our souls are magnificent and have been on many journeys, like a train stopping at various stations. Many times people find the solution to their problem from past life experience. Here is an insight into my personal story why I facilitate Past life regression and how it can be so powerful.

Experience Past Life Regression
- with Claire Chancellor

Many people are curious about their past lives. It makes sense to me. Im pleased to share this 20min past life regression with YOU. 

While the 1on1 personal experience can be so detailed and powerful, this is a great way to start your Past Life Regression journey. Enjoy.

Ask Dr Weiss - The other side

Dr. Weiss answers Facebook fans’ questions about death, dying, and the “other side.” Questions include: Where do we go after we die? How does the soul heal there, as opposed to the physical body? Why do we remember and yearn for this place? This video is captioned and can be translated into the language of your choice.

Ainsley MacLeod - The Old Soul's Guidebook

Ainslie MacLeod is an internationally acclaimed past-life psychic, spiritual teacher, and award-winning author of The Instruction, The Transformation, and most recently, The Old Soul’s Guidebook. Ainslie specializes in exploring past lives to reveal your life’s purpose and has been a featured guest on Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations Series. He lives on a tranquil island in the Pacific Northwest.

Danielle Mackinnon - Soul contracts

Danielle Mackinnon talks about the contracts we set up between lives. This is a powerful concept when we use it in our sessions, to clear away old problems to move easier into the future goals.

Brian Weiss - Past life regression

Brian Weiss changed my life. AMAZING MAN. He is a psychiatrist who discovered the accuracy of past life regression in the 1970s. He brought it to the attention of popular modern-day culture. This video is a general experience of past life regression

Edity Fiore - You have been here before

Edith Fiore, Ph.D., fascinating author of You Have Been Here Before and The Unquiet Dead, discusses her transformation from a conventional behavior therapist to a specialist in the application of spiritualist principles of reincarnation and spirit possession to psychotherapy. In particular, she talks about her experiences using “past-life regression” as a therapeutic technique.

Shaman Durek & Almost 30 Podcast

“Whenever I’m with Shaman Durek I feel like I’m rolling on ecstasy.” As incredible and serious and powerful this man is, he’s so in touch with his inner child and you can just see it come out. He gives himself full permission to fully be himself and say what’s on his mind and it’s very liberating to everyone involved in the conversation. He talks about Atlantis, predictions for 2020, what’s going on in the world right now, and how releasing your inner child can be part of our collective healing. And, because he’s Shaman Durek, he professes his love of country music—complete with a knee-slapping sing-along. You’re going to feel this one.

Books on Past Lives & Between Lives

Many Lives, Many Masters

This is a classic book of how Brian Weiss, Psychiatrist, became involved in and interested in Past Lives.

What other beautiful clients have said after Past Life Regression

“I recently experienced a past life regression with Claire that was truly profound and insightful for me. Experiencing the session with Claire was amazing, her energy felt light and vibrant’ clear, confident and very empowering as she took me through the process – all delivered over the phone! Fantastic! Thank you Claire – Melanie”

- Melanie -

“Oh my god I feel amazing. So much lighter after experiencing Past Life Regression with Claire. The resentment has really shifted. Im also noticing some positive physical changes. I’ve had some back pain recently and that’s drastically reduced. I also feel like my posture is better and I have more energyAmazing, Thank you – Nicole”

- Nicole -

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