what is NLP?
How does it work?


Human Needs

Presuppositions of NLP

Representational System & Eye Cues


Cause and Effect

Expanded Awareness

Parts Integration

Grow Model & RAS Manifesting

Like to Dislike

Submodality Belief Change

Filters of the Mind

NLP for health and healing

Stacking Anchors

Collapsing Anchors

Neurological Levels

Guided Timeline

Timeline Example with Ash

Swish Pattern

Importance of Strategies

Formal Strategy Elicitation

Buying Strategy Elicitation

Fast Phobia Model

Godiva Pattern

Practitioner Hypnosis

Structure a Session

Coaching MAsterclass

Quick Guide Slides

Are you a visual learner? Below is a link to purchase the Be Your Purpose NLP slides to be confident in your Coaching skills.


There are so many fancy words when it comes to NLP. This glossary is my way to help you discover their meaning easily and effortlessly. 
Remember, how we start from unconscious incompetence to conscious competence. Come from a curious state when you open this link. 

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