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1 on 1 Personalised Coaching

Are you ready to feel energised and uplifted?
Anxiety, overwhelm and burnout are real challenges.
Are you ready to open up and be vulnerable as you step into a deeper connection with your own intuition and purpose?
It’s time to discover the cause of the fear, complex challenges and the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from manifesting what you dream of and desire?
By doing the inner work and learn the strategies to use on a day to day basis you can solve these issues?
Working together, I can personally support you to break free from these limitations & create life changing results.
There is no other program like this. Believe me, I’ve looked. I coach my clients to the same high standard I want to be coached.
With this program, you will move forward to manifest  your GOALS, while feeling EMPOWERED CONFIDENCE & AMAZING. 

Manifesting with Friends

Have you read the books on “Law of Attraction” and listened to the Youtubes on “Manifesting” and still find yourself stuck and not seeing the results? It can be so frustrating, which actually causes resistance and pushes your manifesting dreams away from you.
Can I tell you, when your dream becomes your reality, it is the most uplifting exciting experience. One of the key elements to manifesting is to feel connected and supported by like minded people who share the same passion to achieve their goals. That’s why I put this GROUP PROGRAM together for you.
This program is designed to go through in depth & specific manifesting methods to help you make manifesting easy with friends. 


Advance Your Spiritual Connection

Do you know there is a lot more to life then this 3D reality? Are you ready to expand in to higher energetic frequencies so you can manifest an easier life? Are you curious to learn about your star seed origins so you can align to your souls purpose? Experience quantum jumping across timelines and in to the 5D.

This Advance your Spiritual Connection Program is for advanced souls who are ready to take their spiritual journey to the next level. 

Enhance your intuition with Tarot

Enhancing your intuition is the key to being guided to these life changing opportunities. In this fun and interactive GROUP program, I will make enhancing your intuition EASY by learning Tarot. 

Even if you are new to Tarot, you will will discover effective methods to connect and confidently trust your intuition.  2022 DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED. 

What other beautiful clients have said after just 5 sessions

“You have helped me do so much in a short period of time. You have helped me open my eyes to the now and stop living in the past or through past life experiences and I am profoundly grateful for that. I will 100% book again for future guidance and will be telling everyone I know about you. Thank you for making my life better – Barbara

- Barbara -

“Claire I’m really grateful for everything you have helped me with in the last couple of months. Not just me, but my marriage and kids too. My anxiety has gone and I’m sleeping through the night. I’m so exited to step in to my new role at work. I am grateful for your guidance and your encouragement. Thank you so much, I can’t wait to work together more.”  – Emma

- Emma -

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