Self Coaching

Uncover your personal power

This is a list of Questionnaires, Processes and Suggestions to uncover the deeper issues.
More Resources are available for clients who have signed for Personalised Coaching.
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Feel Good Self Care

True self care starts with simple acts like not checking your emails at night when you know it affects your sleep, or booking in a massage when you need one. Personal transformation takes time. I encourage you to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself so you can radiate good feelings and manifest a rich life. 

This link will take you to some important self care processes. 

Journaling With Inner Child

The prompts in this journaling process will connect you to your Inner Child. It will facilitate meaningful healing, and teach you how to listen to the wisdom within. It is worth taking the time to talk to your inner child to build self worth, find peace and wholeness in your daily life.

Mirror Manifesting

Mirror work can be a beautiful Process, especially for that woman who are committed to manifest a beautiful world for herself. It is a unique practice where you connect to your reflection in the mirror, as if it’s a close friend. You can open yourself to a deep conversation and affirm the parts of you that you appreciate.

Passion & Purpose Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to uncover what you LOVE to do, be and have.
It is designed to help you gain clarity so you can commit to the next steps moving forward. When it comes to manifesting a life with passion and purpose, you must know what you want, know why you want it and commit to taking action to experience your purpose. 

People Pleasing & Boundaries

Do you find yourself feeling guilty at the idea of saying “No”?
People pleasers want everyone around them to be happy… and they will do whatever it takes to keep it that way, even at their own expense. Years ago, as a recovering People Pleaser, I found myself BURNED OUT! Below is a list of self-reflection questions that will help identify the limiting beliefs around people pleasing.

Values Elicitation

When it comes to our identity, we all have our own values and beliefs. These are the concepts that make us who we are and create the enjoyable, or not so enjoyable experiences in our life.  

Your values are the desires that help you create fulfilment in your life. This NLP process can help you align to your purpose.

Vision board? Have a Vision WALL

Vision boards are known to be a successful tool when it comes to manifesting. Seeing a constant visual reminder of your goals helps your unconscious mind look out for the opportunities you are focused on.

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