List of Resources for YOU

Understand your personal power

This resource list is a compilation of the best YouTube videos, audios, and audiobooks.

It is a culmination of many hours of research by Claire to save you time and effort to find your answers. Each valuable folder provides multiple resources with high quality information and plenty of “ah-ha” moments; that goes hand in hand with Claire’s’ sessions. 

Discover Your Passion and Purpose

I am so excited to share this list with you. This has some of the BEST Thought Leaders inspire us about how we can empower ourselves to uncover our Passion and Purpose. 



Listen to Your Body + Healing Meditations

I’ve been a qualified healer for 12+ years. (That’s hard for me to take in. lol) From my research, i understand that our body notifies us when we are out of alignment, by using pain, illness and injury. We all have the power to heal and come back in to alignment by listening to our bodies and clearing the limitations that hold us back from our deserved well-being. 


Manifest Your Wealth

Manifesting money is like manifesting anything else. You set an intention, believe that you can make that intention real – and then be ready for the universe to deliver. Many of our limiting beliefs around money are easily cleared in a session, however I highly recommend you check out some of these Thought Leaders on the topic. Please get your copy of “Love Money, Money Loves me” (featured last on the list). It will change your experience of money. 

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Manifest a Loving Relationship

You truly deserve to experience Love. Manifesting love first starts off with knowing what you don’t want, to know exactly what you do want.  Click on this link to tap in to some seriously powerful processes to help you raise your standards so you can manifest long lasting love. 


Build a Stronger Relationship

All romantic relationships go through ups and downs and they all take work, commitment, and a willingness to adapt and change with your partner. Whether your relationship is just starting out or you’ve been together for years, there are steps you can take to build a healthy relationship. This page offers high quality information to help you and your partner. 


Free Yourself From Anxiety & Stress

Stress and Anxiety can be crippling. Its important to resolve these issues so that they stop holding you back. That way you can build your self trust and move on with your life feeling empowered. 



Release Old Ways of People Pleasing and Toxic Relationships

Truth is, years ago, I had my fair share of Narcissistic Abuse. With an Ex and with a close family member. It can be the most heart breaking, soul corroding experience. Choosing to step into my power, claiming my voice, and discovering my self-empowerment has been one of my biggest achievements.  If you have a pattern of “people pleasing” I would encourage you to choose, every day, to put your needs first. 

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Fertility & Babies

As a mum, I know how important babies and pregnancies are. I’m a mum of four daughters (twins in the mix). I’ve been an egg donor for two infertile couples, plus I’ve experienced two miscarriages – I know fertility. I’m proud to say I have worked with many women who have fertility issues, to clear the blocks so their little one can successfully come in to this world. 

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Understand and Enhance Your Intuition

As one of my clients says “My intuition is my bread and butter”. I love this and I smiled when she said it. Truth is, we are all born with intuition, however many of us dial it down to follow the lead of our parents. Its important to know that our intuition starts in our heart space. That is the part of us that is open to possibilities. Then we bring that knowing to our mind to work out the “How” and then we move that energy in to our gut to action the forward movement. Empowering you to listen to your Intuition is one of my favourite topics to teach. 


Power of Past Life Regression

Safe to say Past Life Regression was a life changer for me personally. I was exceptionally unwell when I had my first baby, but the doctors couldn’t find out why. After I experienced past life regression, my health recovered very quickly. It was fun to identify the issues I had with current relationships were repeating from past lives. Regression resolved these issues too.  
The topic of Past Lives is absolutely FASCINATING. 


Quantum Multidimensional & Star Seeds

If you have enjoyed Past Lives and want to take your knowledge it to the next level, please contact me for high quality resources on this topic. 

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