Resolve Emotional Triggers

The Trigger Process

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The Trigger Process

Today what I want to talk about is emotional triggers. Emotional triggers impact people in a variety of ways and they are going to be unique to each and every person. Some peoples triggers may be hurt and withdrawn, others may demonstrate their emotional triggers being loud and angry. 

In todays process, we are going to understand what these triggers you and how to take your power back and feel empowered to release these triggers once and for all.  

While we can’t change the other person, we can change how you respond to it, so that you are feeling more empowered and won’t attract people pushing your buttons anymore.

We need to break down the triggering situation into small parts to identify what’s going on. We need to know:

  • What happened?
  • How did your body respond?
  • What you said to yourself?
  • What did it mean to you when you heard what they communicated?
  • How you can see this in a different perspective?
  • What resources are available to you now? and
  • How can you show up differently – if it happened again?

It is important to know, a trigger is a response from your unconscious mind, taking you back to a moment in time when we were little when something happened, and we didn’t have the resources to cope.

Maybe your teacher yelled at you for a mistake, and the little you froze without knowing what to say or how to cope. This part of you has unresolved needs. It has probably caused you do to anything you can to avoid loud confronting situations, which is keeping you from that empowered self.

And so now when people get loud around you now, you freeze like that little version did back then, while your logical mind races what do I do to stop this, and your body reacts the way it did when you were little.

While the trigger can be there for years, thankfully it’s actually easily resolved so you can move forward with ease. 

I encourage you to have your journal nearby in case you want to write down your answers. When I first learned this practice, I would write write write. These days I can do this easily without the prompts. I’m hoping you will get to that place too, with practice.

Feel free to pause this audio between questions if you need longer to write.

Try to do this process without any self-judgment, justifying, defending, or blame. Instead, come from a curious place so we can resolve this at a deeper level.

Below is a powerful process that will help you become consciously aware of what is going on with your unconscious fears, so you have the conscious choice to get in the driver’s seat to make changes to make manifesting easier.

The Process

Below is the process. Alternatively you can listen to the same content in the audio at the top of this page.

I want you to take yourself back to the triggering event. I want you to see what you saw, hear what you heard, and allow those feelings to come back to you. Trust the first thing that comes to mind.

What has the discomfort brought up in you?

Scan your body, where are you feeling that discomfort?

What are the qualities of that discomfort?
Is it heavy or light?
Dark or bright?
Fuzzy or clear?
Hot or cold?

If we were to pull out that uncomfortable part, what is the purpose of that part?
(again, first thing that comes to mind) 
Is it here to keep you safe? 
Is it trying to protect you in some way?
What is it trying to protect you from?

What does it need? 
A hug? 
To be seen in a different light?
To see things from a different perspective?

Can you give that part of you what it needs?

Instead of the discomfort what would you rather?
(List out a few answers here.)
Maybe you would rather they didn’t say what they said. 
Maybe you would rather be more comfortable getting your needs met. 
Maybe you would rather be confident speaking up. 
Maybe you would rather things were easier and could come to an agreement.

What was the weakness in you that caused you to attract this event or trigger? 
Again, no judgment, just curiosity.

Previously in the past you may responded one way in an event like this– maybe you got loud to be heard? Or maybe you would have walked on egg shells to keep the peace?

How did you respond in the past?
Did it work for you? 
Did you get the outcome you wanted?
Most likely You have outgrown that old strategy. How do I know this, your trigger is telling you so. Your higher self is calling you forward to let go of the old ways and step into the new empowered you. So you can take responsibility and create the life you want to live.

So thinking about that event, does it serve you to hold on to it?

What would serve you better?
Maybe that means letting go?
Maybe that means learning a new skill?
Maybe that means asking for help from someone else?

Would it serve you to calm your energy, resolve the hurt and  let go of the powerlessness?
Maybe you need to bring peace in to your body so you can deal with this trigger from a higher perspective?
Maybe it would serve you to tell the person “I need to take some time to assess what just happened.”
Maybe it would serve you to reassess your goals before you move forward.
Maybe it would serve you to close the door on a chapter.

What would serve you better?

What have you learned from all of this?
How have those lessons been beneficial moving forward?
Can you hold on to the lessons while letting go of the emotional trigger?

What is something nice you can do for yourself to show the universe you are ready for change?

Heal Your Body & Raise Your Energy

This healing meditation will help your body come back to balance if you need extra support after the Trigger Process.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with me and we can address this in a personalised session.  

Releasing the past helps you manifest your new reality

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