Awaken YOUR Intuition Within

Trust your inner wisdom

We were all born with pure Intuition. Many people notice their awareness to it was dulled down from childhood listening to adults direct us what to do or how we should be. Its important to connect back in to your intuition as it is one of your natural super powers to guide you to your souls purpose.

Your intuition will guide you forward and call you to change, grow and evolve.

Many people feel uncomfortable with change, as it pushes against their limiting beliefs, so they pull away from their intuition. (This discomfort needs to be released from the emotional body).

Your intuition is not about the past. However we often find ourselves regretting that we didn’t follow its guidance. This regret is to teach us to lean in, experiment and pay attention for next time. Your intuition will be patient with you, however your physical body will show you that you are out of alignment by experiencing pain and illness. It is fascinating how it is all connected.

Are you curious how to link in to you INTUITION? The most powerful way to start is to set the intention. 

First, Quieten your mind, take in a few deep breaths and then ask yourself a question. The universe will align you to perfect synchronicity to answer your question within a short amount of time. You just have to be open to listen.

Remember, when you are utilizing practices to enhance your intuition, always ask for the TRUTH in the highest and best way. You are a powerful being. When you ask your question, the universe must always provide you an answer.

What is the difference between ego & intuition?

Many people want to enhance their intuition, yet there is some confusion about the signals between the ego and the messages from your intuition. 

In this video, I go into detail about how to rule out what is NOT your intuition and what is worth listening to. 

Spiritual Awakening Series - Mediumship & the spirit world

In this episode, Jesse & Claire talk about what it means to be an Empath.
We explore answers to these questions:

  • What is involved in Mediumship?
  • How do we know when our loved ones in spirit are around?
  • What are our loved ones doing in the spirit world?
  • What can the sitter do to get the most out of their mediumship reading?

Youtube & Books to Enhance Your Intuition

Listen to Your INTUITION and Make The Right Decision

20 minutes to learn about your intuition, why it’s awesome, how powerful your intuition is, how to hone it so you’re surely living your life from the heart and from your desires rather than living someone else’s dream.

Gabrielle Bernstein - Trust The Signs

Learn how to recognize and trust the signs of guidance you receive from the Universe, and how to know the difference between a divine sign and your own ego.

Shaman Durek - Raise your Intuition

The Confused Millennial Podcast #015: How To Raise Your Intuition & Psychic Abilities + The Shamanic Perspective On Mental Health with Shaman Durek

Marie Forleo - Sharpen Your Intuition

Ever wish you were more intuitive? In this video learn four simple and effective ways to sharpen your natural instincts so you can think more like Oprah and Richard Branson, two well-known gut-followers.

Sonia Choquette - Liberate Your Intuition

Join bestselling author Sonia Choquette and awaken your intuition, reconnect with your true self, and be right more often with your life’s decisions here. 

Melanie - Ask Your Spirit Guides

In this video Melanie shares 2 tips to ask your Spirit Guides a question and get the most meaningful information from them.

Books on Intuition

Tune In. Let Your Intuition Guide You To Fulfillment And Flow - Sonia Choquette

In her book, Tune in, international renowned teacher and intuitive guide Sonia Choquette reveals a simple four-step plan for achieving lifelong inner transformation.

Sonia Choquette is full of wonderful insights on Intuition. It is very easy to listen to. 

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