Multidimensional Past Lives & Star Seeds

This section may not be for everybody. If you believe in past lives, you may question where was my soul before earth?

These videos answer those types of soul-searching questions.

I have had the unique experience to witness Multidimensional worlds. It absolutely changed my life to know where my soul had come from and what my higher purpose is here on Earth. I believe I am part of the Graduation Class who is here to help others raise their frequency so that we can finish what we started here and move to the next world waiting for us. 

If this resonates with you, I can easily facilitate a session so that you can experience your Star Seed/ multidimensional lives. 

Spiritual Energy of Atlantis -with Claire

The legend of Atlantis is a story in time about spiritual people who lived in a highly advanced, utopian civilization. However there were beings who became greedy, petty, and “morally bankrupt”. Unfortunately they lost their way which had an impact on their time and our current time now. 

Have you ever wondered what your role was in Atlantis?

Danny Searle – Pleiadean world

Australian speaker, Danny Searle, teaches us about the lineage of the Pleiadeans and where earth is moving to.

Nikki Patilo – Star children

If you have questions about Indigo children, Crystal children and Rainbow children, THIS is the video to watch. Nikki goes into detail that is relevant and easy to understand. She is promoted by Dolores Cannon.

Dolores Cannon – Quantum Healing

Her life’s work is breath taking as she pieces together our existence and the importance of where we are going next. She uses hypnotherapy to help her clients regress to multidimensional lives.

Shaman Durek – On 2020

Shaman Durek gives himself full permission to fully be himself and say what’s on his mind. In this video he talks about Atlantis, predictions for 2020, what’s going on in the world right now, and how releasing your inner child can be part of our collective healing.

Jane Pooley – Mother of hybrid children

Jane Pooley publicly talks about her interaction with multidimensional beings since a young child. She speaks in detail about the evidence left behind after they visit us here on Earth.

Phil Good - 3D - 5D simplified

I like to call Phil “Quantum Phil”. His content is spot on, accurate and easy to understand. Well worth your time to listen to his short bursts of goodness. 

Michael Mirdad - Soul contracts

Soul contracts can be made before you come to earth, and they can be made once you’re on Earth. They can be made consciously or unconsciously, but they’re almost always made unconsciously, because they’re so nutty nobody wants to remember making them. It’s convenient amnesia. We call them soul contracts because only your soul remembers doing them.

Matias De Stefano - Dimensions explained

I started listening to Matías De Stefano, and it wasn’t just WHAT he was saying, but HOW he was saying it that got me curious. With humour and precision he explains our nine dimensional cosmology, which mirrors exactly what I have experienced in my psychedelic journeys. 

The Alchemist - Timelines

The quantum field is a wild beast that perplexes even the most astute minds. It seems to fluctuate back and forth between freewill and determinism, its rhythm is nonlinear, and it unfolds frequently in an unpredictable fashion. One could hardly grasp that the universes editing software for seamlessly splicing and pasting together the strip of film before us, is when we blink our eyes. If we are anything, even before human, we are quantum animals.

GiGi Young - Atlantis

GiGi has some amazing content. I find her information puts me in to a trance and I go off exploring other worlds as she describes the energy. This is high level detailed content. 

Elizabeth April - Conversations with an interdimensional being

Elizabeth April “I will be reading a verbatim conversation with Micca a half Grey half Andromedian being who has a message to share for planet Earth”

David Wilcock – Science of Ascension

David is a researcher of ancient civilizations & consciousness science. He talks about humanity transforming here on earth and in other realities in the solar system. He discloses information that the authorities keep from us.

Andrew Bartzis – Galactic Historian

Andrew Bartzis is known as The Galactic Historian. This is the first of 20+ hours going into the Galactic History. Most people find this hard to listen to for the first time, however it’s as if the soul knows and seems to absorb it all in. If you resonate with his message, it’s worth looking up “classic callers” to hear him give readings on people’s multidimensional past lives.

Matías De Stefano - Atlantis and the Creation of Races

Matías De Stefano returns for the much anticipated second season of Initiation by giving us an overview of what we can expect to come. In the beginning of our reality, the Elohim formed life, in the higher dimensions, which would influence the creation of Atlantis as the mother civilization on Earth. Their work was focused on the creation of different beings who would promote the evolution of life throughout our cosmos.

Tony Sawyer – Chakra Removal

Tony is a passionate activist. He discloses the deeper goings on within this World and the hidden hands that control it.
I’ve worked first hand with Tony to have my Chakars removed. As surprising as it sounds to have your Chakras removed, its a purification process so you have full access to your energy centres. 

Books on Multidimensional Past Lives

Convoluted Universe

The book Convoluted Universe By Dolores Cannon is first of a series of 5 books, where using hypnosis on her clients Dolores she gets information about Earth from other multidimensional beings. 

Meet the Hybrids

Meet the Hybrids by Barbara Lamb, explores the lived experience of eight individuals who understand that they are part human and part extra-terrestrial. 

Alien World Order

The the book Alien World Order,  Len Kasten explains about the Reptilian plan to divide and conquer the human race.  The book explores how Pleiadians help Earth.

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