Sleep Paralysis

How to turn your fear into your spiritual super power

Have you ever sensed a shadow of lower energy in our bedroom? You kind of freeze trying to make sense of what you saw, your heart races and your mind floods with the worst-case scenarios. Its unnerving, especially when you’re in your bedroom.

This has been happening to a client of mine, what’s worse is she has sleep paralysis. A terrifying experience where she feels trapped in her body between sleep and awake, with the heaviness of dark energy pressing down on her.

The question is, what is happening on an energetic level?

Earlier in her childhood, she would have experienced the FEAR of a spirit being in her room. (It’s unlikely that the spirit would have been negative back then as children still connect to their guardian angels). That one moment in time has caused a ripple effect, where the simple thought of bedtime is met with the fear of the worst-case scenarios of the mind.

Everyone experiences fear.

The problem with fear is that it is a lower energy, it will pull us down making us more susceptible to attract more lower energy. We absorb their lower energy and the cycle, and the pattern continues, to the point where this becomes a habitual trap.  This is the 3D separation keeping us in the lower vibration, stuck, like sleep paralysis.

Fear is something that we learn to do, and fear is just as easy to unlearn (with the right healer.)

What needs to happen to break free of this fear trap to protect yourself?


It’s as simple as your CHOICE.

  • Choose to get out of the anger.
  • Choose to get out of the pity party victim energy.
  • Chose to put your needs first.
  • Chose to enhance your intuition.
  • Chose to heal your inner child where the disempowerment first began.

These empowering choices will lead YOU to a higher vibration of LOVE & FREEDOM within.

If you are fearful of spirit and its getting in the way of your day to day life, get in touch with me. Lets get that negative energy gone for good.

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