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Who are Spirit Guides? Why are they here?

Everyone has spirit guides. But the question is, who are they? why are they here? and how can we make good use of this connection?

Clients and friends will often hear me refer to my guides as my “Team”. I have a dynamic relationship with them and often find myself in awe of their charismatic ways to help me manifest. The reason you will hear me refer to my Guides as my “Team”  is because we all have other beings helping us on our journey. Some of these will be Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels, Multidimensional beings, Animal Totems and more. It can be surprising to learn that some of your “Spirit Guides” are YOU from other realities and dimensions. 

For now, lets focus on how the Spirit Guides help. Everybody’s Spirit guides come from their soul family in the spirit world (soul family does not mean they are blood related in this life). If you can imagine a group of souls hanging out in the spirit world, some of those souls want to be human again and put a plan together to come to Earth to grow and evolve. They will be your friends and family etc. While other souls like to observe and take on board the knowledge with out the experience of being in a human body. These are your Guides, and this is when your role is important to them, as they Guide you with their truth and higher perspective so they can learn too.

We can recognise our spirit guides from people we have known in past lives, or they can be future versions of ourselves. I acknowledge this can be confusing. When I regress clients to look at past lives, they look in on that life time to collect data to help them with the growth of their current life. In that moment, you are a guide too.

I do find that as I grow and evolve, I have to call in guides who have a higher level of experience within themselves to help me. You don’t need to hold on to Guides if they are not helping. Ask for a guide who is smarter than you.  But you don’t want a guide that is so intelligent, but you cannot communicate with them.
Ask for a compatible guide.

Its important to know your Spirit Guides want to have a close relationship with you, but they won’t interfere. They have a powerful ability to provide assistance WHEN YOU ASK!

How do spirit guides communicate with us?

Spirit guides like to communicate with you through many different forms. They tend to favour sending you messages through synchronicities. These are like meaningful little coincidences that tell you that you are in alignment with where you are meant to be. 

Some of these synchronicities can show up for you as number sequences such as 111 or your lucky number. For me, when I see “68” or “27”, I feel reassured knowing my guides are near by. Sometimes I will see these numbers on the address I’m going to, or in someone’s phone number I’m about to call; I find myself smiling to myself knowing my team had already pre-organised this connection.

Spirit guides can talk to you by sending you musical messages, like a song that always inspires you, or a lyric that gets stuck in your head. Take notice of the words & the meaning that they are imparting on to you.

Spirit guides might send you a dream that gives you an idea about how to handle a situation, or a guide could even appear to you in a dream.

Many times, spirit guides will send you an impulse or an inspired idea that often requires you to take action. This can be as simple as writing this post to you, or for you to be at the coffee shop at the right time to cross paths with an uplifting friend or opportunity.

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Everybody receives information in different ways


Some people will see the answer.

You may a picture in their inner mind.


Some people will hear the answer.

You will hear a lyric or a voice in their head.



Some people will feel the answer.

Typically, this will be energy, emotions, or physical sensations. 



Some people will know the answer.

You will have an unshakable certainty and inner knowing.

Practical ways to connect with your Guides.

Are you curious how to link in to your guides? The most powerful way to start is to set the intention. 

First, Quieten your mind, take in a few deep breaths and then ask your question. You may not get the answer right away as the universe will align you to perfect synchronicity to answer your question. You just have to be open to listen.
Many times, we find ourselves in lower energy, worrying about the past or anxious about problems that may show up in the future. Your guides are in a higher energy and they rely on communicating with you when your mind is focused on the ‘now’. That’s why you may find it easier to connect with your guides when you are in the shower, or at 3am.

Remember, when you are utilizing practices to enhance your connection to your guides, always ask for the TRUTH in the highest and best way. You are a powerful being. When you ask your question, the universe must always provide you an answer. 


Keep a look out for signs from your guides

Your signs are going to be unique to you. What your team will do, is utilise your personal library of knowledge and experience to give you sings that are by your standards.

As an example, my team will put a white feather on my path when I need upliftment.

I tend to squeal with delight when I see a “27” or “68” number plate in front of me, knowing that my guides are protecting my path ahead.

I will see a Blue Wren when they want me to know the love of my grandmother is around. – this does not have to be a literal bird. It can be a statue in a shop, or a drawing on the spine of a book.

Clients I know, will receive signs from butterflies, lady birds, white flowers, or specific songs. 

When you find yourself communicating with your guides, give them instructions. Such as “Please show me a duck today if this is the house I’m supposed to buy” …. I did this a few years back. Walked in to the kitchen and they had DUCK CURTAINS. I had the winning bid on that property! 


Spirit Guide Journaling

This is a special and beautiful process for those who LOVE to write.
Designate a special journal that is just for you and your guides to communicate with one another. This is a sacred space where you can ask them questions or practice automatic writing for them to answer you. 

Here are the steps you can follow for this process. 

  • First, find a quiet place where you wont be disturbed. Perhaps light some candles, place your crystals, or have some incense burning in the background. 
  • Get your journal and pen, take a few breathes and quieten your mind. 
  • With your DOMINANT hand, start writing your question that you need some answers and guidance on.
  • Put the pen in your NON-DOMINANT hand and try to keep your mind clear as you allow your guides to work through you. You may find yourself writing scribble, or you may feel the inspiration to write the first thing that comes to mind. The more you surrender, the more your guides will start to write through you. 

This may feel uncomfortable to start off with. Do it any way. Give you guides some time and patience to learn how to work with you. 

I have noticed that some of my guides have different hand writing styles, depending on the topic I am asking them about. 

Knowing how much your Guides want to assist you, you could also use this journal as your Gratitude Journal. This will give the permission to help you enhance your manifesting goals. 


Get to know your Guides by asking for their name

I always like to connect with my guides by using their name. I find this helps the connection as I can call upon them when I need.

To find out their name, I clear my mind and simply ask them what their name is. I’ve been doing this for so long that I find it easy to trust the first name that comes to mind. You can feel the energy of their personality. Some may be serious, while others are playful & curious. 

  • I have a Guide named Walter who helps me stay safe on the road. 
  • I have a Guide named Joe who brings forward wisdom when working with clients.
  • I have a Guide named Pua who comes from Hawaii and sits in when ever I’m doing healings.
  • I have a business Guide named Yan who I knew in 227BC when the Great Wall of China was built.
  • I have a Guide named Jane who has a clipboard and is responsible for all the other guides on the team. The list goes on. 

Develop a daily, weekly, or monthly spiritual practice

Taking time to ground yourself and connect back in with your spirit guides is immensely powerful to your wellbeing.  

This can be as simple as drawing a Tarot card every morning for guidance or to go for a walk in nature to connect to mother earth…without your phone! 

I leave my crystals out in the full moon once a month and have gratitude for Grandmother Moon to support my journey. I will also work with Arch angels to energetically cleanse my home with Sage. (see link for instructions to complete this process for yourself).



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