A spiritual awakening is a mind-body-soul inner journey. It is designed to help you dissolve the illusions of your ego as you raise your energy to the truth of who you are. Every bodies Spiritual Awakening is unique. 

A spiritual awakening commonly start when people feel triggered and let down by life, and are looking for meaning to their experience. These experiences can be life-threatening illness, mental health crisis such as depression or anxiety, Car accident, divorce, quarter-life or midlife crises, or even a near-death experience.

People experiencing a Spiritual awakening will ask-
“Why am I here?”
“What is my purpose”
“What is the meaning to all my pain?”

Spiritual awakenings can be complicated and life changing. It may not be easy but it will improve your life for the better; given patience, healing, self care and a bit of time.

The further you go on your spiritual Awakening, the easier it is to feel:
~ Freedom,
~ Bliss,
~ Unconditional Love,
~ Deep peacefulness,
~ Tremendous inner quiet.