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Let's explore the purpose of an Empath

Spiritual Topics

What you will discover on this page

Spiritual growth can be easy and life-changing when you have the high-quality resources to understand how the pieces of the puzzle come together. 
I have noticed that there is a lot of confusing “noise” out there about spiritual terminology and process and it created a spark in me to share with you the insights you need to enhance your intuition. This library gives you access to topics such as “Why are you an Empath?, “Who are your spirit guides?” “Twin Flames” and so much more. 

I am a born Psychic Medium. I spent decades dedicated to train with some of the best tutors in the world. Now I have the honour and privilege to Mentor others to enhance their intuition. YOUR superpower. This is the place to immerse yourself in all things Spiritual as we discover –

Synchronicity in Numbers

What message is the universe telling you?

The universe likes to send you messages through synchronicity. The fact that you were in the right place at the right time to notice that odd pattern is no coincidence. It was a special message just for you. 

Each number has its unique vibration. This folder will help you gain clarity in what the number patterns can mean. 

Are you an Empath?

Do you find yourself taking on others’ stress?
Have you been accused of being too sensitive in the past?
Do you feel overwhelmed in crowded spaces?

If you answered yes to these, there is a strong chance you are an Empath.
This page goes in to detail to discover what is the deeper spiritual meaning to be an Empath.

Spiritual Energy of Atlantis

The legend of Atlantis is a story in time about spiritual people who lived in a highly advanced, utopian civilization. However there were beings who became greedy, petty, and “morally bankrupt”. Unfortunately they lost their way which had an impact on their time and our current time now. 

Have you ever wondered what your role was in Atlantis?

Twin Flames & Soul Mates

Do you believe you have met your Twin Flame? Did you continue that union or did divine timing cause you to separate? Maybe you are with your Soul mate?  
Every relationship will teach you something new about yourself.
A Twin flame relationship is an intense soul connection that is considered one of the most powerful soul encounters that will teach you the most. While it sounds beautiful, it can be one of the most challenging relationships as it is intended to bring forth enormous spiritual growth and healing.

Connect to Your Spirit Guides

Everyone has spirit guides.
But the question is, who are they?
Why are they here?
& How can we make good use of this connection?

This page will go in to detail about the importance of connecting to your Spirit Guides, who I fondly refer to as my “Team”.


Intuition or Ego?

Can you hear the voice of your intuition? 
When you were a baby, your intuition was loud & pure. But over time it got faint as we listened to what other people want. This is when the ego is formed.

The voice of your intuition is pure, but it may not be an audible sound, more like a sensation. This page will go in to detail about how you can tell the difference between following your intuition, or is it the ego speaking?!

Enhance your Intuition

It’s so easy to turn to friends or google when we want an answer to something. But is this answer in your best interest?

Your intuition will deliver its message in a calm, confident & gentle manner. It feels good in your body and delivers its message without being attached to the outcome. Your intuition will always give your highest truth.
Do you know how to listen to it?

How to work with Crystals

Crystals can transfer their powerful energy just by holding them; my children can feel the heat and tingling when they touch them. 

Many times when I take people back to past lives, they often have a connection to crystals. Its is absolutely fascinating to me. 

This page will give you an insight how to work with the power of your crystals & the meaning of their beautiful colours.

Energetically Cleanse with Sage

Smudging is an ancient and powerful ritual to cleanse you and your home. 

The smoke magnetically attract and absorb the negative energy. It is a beautiful process that helps everyone that lives in your home.

This page will give you step by step process how to Smudge your home and breathe easier, knowing your home is filled with love and light.

Children who Sense Spirit

I remember when I was little, I could see spirit like they were invisible friends. It seems my spiritual gifts got passed down to my twins Maddison & Charlotte too.

This page will give you effective and helpful tips to comfort your child when it comes to bed time and sensing spirit. 

If you need more help on this topic, get in touch with me & I can remotely energetically cleanse your child’s home and space. 

Open Fire Ceremony

The most powerful spiritual ceremonies are performed in the open air.
When a sacred ceremony is created, the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world becomes thin, to make it easier to transmute old energy to align with your highest self.  

This step-by-step process is about speaking your victim stories to the fire and claiming your victory stories (your future success).

Cord Cutting to Recover YOUR Energy

They say we are all connected. Have you ever wondered how that impacts you energetically?  Any time we connect & interact with another person, an invisible energy cord will be created.

When boundaries are not being respected or this relationship turns sour, it is time to dissolve the negative cords that no longer serve you.

This page will go in to the benefits of Cord Cutting to free your energy for YOU.

Reincarnation and death

Everyone has their ideas about reincarnation. When I did mediumship, I often questioned “How long is someone in the spirit world before they can incarnate into a human body again?” “If I am calling Nanna to come forward in a reading, am I interfering with her choice to have a human experience again?” …I know my mind wonders and I ask weird questions.

When you consider YOUR soul, and wonder about your past lives, we are accessing the stream of your consciousness throughout your earthly time.

Fear of Spirit the Spirit World & Sleep Paralysis

Have you ever sensed a shadow of lower energy in our bedroom? You kind of freeze trying to make sense of what you saw, your heart races and your mind floods with the worst-case scenarios. Its unnerving, especially when you’re in your bedroom. Everyone experiences fear. The problem with fear is that it is a lower energy, it will pull us down making us more susceptible to attract more lower energy. 
The question is, what can you do to turn your fear into your spiritual superpower?

Manifest Home

I often get asked “How can I get clarity from my guides about this big move”. Truth is, your Guides & Universe are waiting for you to get clear on what it is that YOU WANT …and why you want it.

I want to share with you everything I learned about manifesting a home, so that it is quick and effective for you to manifest your home quickly.

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