Twin Flames & Soul Mates

What is a Twin Flame?

Do you believe you have met your Twin Flame? Did you continue that union or did divine timing cause you to separate? Maybe you are with your Soul mate?  

Every relationship will teach you something new about yourself.

A Twin flame relationship is an intense soul connection that is considered one of the most powerful soul encounters that will teach you the most. While it sounds beautiful, it can be one of the most challenging relationships as it is intended to bring forth enormous spiritual growth and healing.

Truth is, the Twin Flame relationship is designed to be a profound Spiritual Awakening for you to uncover the truth about YOU and your souls journey.

Your Twin Flame can come in to your life unexpectedly when we are in a place of feeling relatively mundane or content, and then suddenly there is this magnetic pull to be with that person. It will cause you to question everything you have lived for, given away of yourself or taken on as an obligation to keep the peace for others. 

While the Twin Flame Relationship will not be easy to begin with, it will improve your life for the better with patience, trial and error, and a bit of time. If you find yourself in a Twin Flame encounter hang on tight, and prepare for a newly awakened life. It’s going to be a rollercoaster.

Spiritual Awakening Series - Twin Flames & Soul Mates

In this episode, Jesse & Claire talk about Twin Flames and Soul mates.
We explore answers to these questions:

  • How do you know if you are in a Twin flame union?
  • What is a soul mate?
  • How to move through the difficult stages of a Twin Flame?
  • What is the spiritual purpose to these relationships?

Claire & Steph talk about Twin flames, live on insta.

In this interview, Steph & Claire talk about Twin Flames and Soul mates.
We explore answers to these questions:

  • What is the difference between a Twin flame and a Soul Mate.
  • What is this relationship trying to teach you?
  • How to best navigate the Twin flame relationship.

How were Twin Flames Created?

You were once part of the highest dimension of love and unity. Some call this Creator’s light. 
It is believed that at the very beginning of our souls evolution, we were all a spark from Source, Creator of all things. When Source wanted to experience consciousness from a new perspective it birthed a spark (your soul) so you could go out in to the multiverse to learn and bring forth your experiences. 
Some sparks become planets, animals, and plants; While other sparks became people. 

Just like twins, it was by design that some sparks (or souls) split into two and were separated through time and space. This caused them to constantly yearn to reconnect.

For souls who volunteered to experience this, their other half is known as a TWIN FLAME.

Many of these twin flames head to Earth to experience 3D, time, free will and polarities (Connection vs separation). It is important to note that Earth is the only place to learn about 3D, thats why its knowns as “Earth School”. It is not easy to be a soul here in the density of a 3D body, so it is only the exceptional souls who get to be here. Not everybody has a Twin Flame, however they will be on the search for their soulmate. Which I will go into more detail below. 

Knowing that Twin Flames are here to learn about the importance of timing and synchronicity, they will not always be here on Earth at the same time as each other.

  • Some Twin Flames will be here on Earth at the same time but will not put in to their soul contracts to meet in this lifetime.
  • Some Twin flames will meet for a short time but don’t complete their union.
  • While other twin flames will connect and complete their soul contracts with one another.
  • Then there are also Twin Flames who are bound by other earthly soul contracts with soulmates (a different type of connection) that they have to complete before they can unite with their Twin Flame. 

Twin Flame Check List

There is so much confusion about Twin Flames. How do you really know if the person you are drawn to is your Twin Flame? After all, the Twin Flame relationship is extremely rare. Below is a checklist that will help you identify if your love interest is your Twin Flame. 

Core Values Align

You both share similar interests and that are important to both of you. Your dreams and passions wake you both up. While you may have some variety between the two of you, your values will not be in conflict. You can both come together with the similar vision for the future. 

Crossing Paths & Past Lives

Both of you will find that your paths have crossed several times in the past and where there were so many opportunities where you could have met. Divine timing got in the way. until it was the perfect time to meet.
Twin Flames will share many past lives together. Many times there will be a love interest between the two of you. If you are interested in Past Life Regression, I can help you discover your Past Life connections with your Twin Flame and to help you navigate the path a head. 

Deep Intimacy

There is a deep love and remembering of who they truly are. The intimacy is out of this world. It will feel like a love that you have been searching for your entire life. Making Love will feel perfect and you will be ready to open up your heart and expand your energy. It will naturally feel perfect. While you may have an individual history where you body is holding on to sexual resistance, your Twin Flame will help you heal this on all levels; emotionally, physically and sexually. Don’t be surprised if you cry when you have your first orgasm with your Twin Flame. 

Spiritual Path

Your spiritual path and direction points back to your Twin Flame. The universe helps you to clear the blocks that are between the two of you as you naturally align to come together. You yearn to talk to each other, even in those moments of tension. Psychically you will be connected and have a sense of what the other person is thinking and feeling – without being in their company. Your Twin Flame may be on the other side of the world, and yet you will move oceans to be together.

Your Insecurities are Amplified

The purpose of your Twin flame is to support and help you spiritually awaken & heal. Often this means your Twin Flame will mirror all of your fears and deepest insecurities. While you yearn to be with one another, it will be extremely difficult to avoid the tension and the triggers they activate within you. This is by design so you have the choice to heal and raise you frequency. 

Challenge Social "Norm" to be Together

There is always a difficult challenge to be together as the two of you challenge what society considers to be normal. This is part of the Twin Flame dynamic as you have to strip away the 3D limitations and fear about what other people think.
Some of these challenges can be – 

  • Significant age gap
  • Two “Opposite” religions
  • Different social standards
  • Same Sex
  • Live on the opposite side of the world
  • Married

Synchronicities Start Showing Up

Your spiritual gifts will start to open up and your psychic energy will be more sensitive as you raise your frequency. The universe will affirm this by getting you to notice synchronicities, such as numbers, feathers, or deja vu.
You will start to see repetitive numbers in your everyday life. (Such as on your phone, licence plates, price of groceries etc). 

7 Stages of Twin Flame

Stage 1. Yearning

This stage normally lasts the longest. It’s before you have even met them and have a “knowing” that someone is out there for you. You feel like something is missing, but your not sure why. 

Stage 2. Meeting

This stage can be out of this world. Literally. Your energy is getting closer to meeting your twin flame and you can feel it. You may dream about them before they come in to your reality.  When you do meet, it is insane instant attraction. You can’t stop thinking about them and you find ways to spend time with them. The attraction is intense.

Stage 3. Falling in Love

In this phase, your relationship is new, meaningful and positive. You will feel fascinated by them as it is a beautiful stage that will feel nothing can go wrong. Don’t hold back and give yourself permission to feel all the loving feelings. 

Stage 4. Challenges

Sooner or later, core wounds emerge, personal issues, and differences arise in the relationship. This is part of the Twin Flame plan and you will feel like walking away. One of you will want to run as so many fears and major life changes will have to be faced to stay together. Many times Twin Flames experience a push-pull dynamic as they struggle to find a way to be a apart and/or together.  Often, these challenges are a reflection of the soul work the two of you need to do on your own. It’s often not about improving the relationship but rather improving yourself. 

Stage 5. Seperation

Separation stage is something all Twin Flames will endure. Your love will be put to a test, as you start to dive deep into your shadow sides. This stage can be the most heartbreaking stages as the individuals need to clear away their issues with attachment & ego.  This stage can last for YEARS. This is when each individual needs to invest in their personal growth journey. 

The best way to get through this stage is to consider it a detox from your Twin Flame. You need to get out of their energy and stop obsessing about them. This is part of the ego breaking down. Take your focus off the other person and go in to your heart space to have the inward experience to discover a deep inner peace. 

Your Twin Flame will come back in to your life when you are not focused on needing them and you at peace with yourself. 

Stage 6. Surrender

You are hopeless in avoiding each other. You have both done the work on yourself to work through all your triggers, insecurities, and challenges. You have done the inner work to raise your frequency to step in to your purpose and brought in a lot of self love. This sometimes takes years. 

Stage 7. The Reunion

In this phase, your relationship is new, meaningful, and positive. You will feel fascinated by them as it is a beautiful stage that will feel like nothing can go wrong. Don’t hold back and give yourself permission to feel all the loving feelings. 


Soul Mates

A Soul mate is someone who you have a connection with that will develop over time.  They will challenge and support your personal growth. Being in their company will inspire you and bring joy and laughter.

Many people who want to draw in the perfect partner, worry that they will miss out on their manifesting their perfect Soul mate. This is impossible as we all have hundreds of potential Soul mates. Where as we only have one Twin Flame.

Soul Contracts between Soul Mates

Before we come in to these bodies, we are in the spirit world in amongst the most beautiful loving energy. We are all part of a soul group or soul family. These are souls who have a focus on growing and evolving to be the best versions of themselves and will have experienced many past lives with each other and will plan future lives together. This is known as a Soul Contract.
When a soul puts their hand up to learn about “love” or “patience”, one of their soul family members will volunteer and put their hand up to join you in this lifetime as your messy ex boyfriend or your unobtainable crush to help YOU learn all aspects of “love” or “patience”; what you don’t like about love & patience and what you do like about love and patience.

These Soul contracts are part of our purpose. It is our mission to be here to learn everything we need to on that topic, until such a time you are no longer triggered by that learning and you can say “Yes, I’ve learned everything I needed to on this topic; time for a new challenge”. It is the souls in your Soul Family that will volunteer to come in to your life, teach you and help you fulfill your purpose. 

We all have free will, so we have to take personal accountability about the decisions we make to ensure we connect with someone who is best for you. This is a spiritual level of alignment to achieve a greater purpose together and needs to be a relationship where you can truly be yourself. 

It is by design that your Soul mate will push your buttons, to trigger you and to help you raise your standards and evolve. If your soul finds that it is not learning enough from one Soul Mate, you have the choice to finish this relationship and call in a different Soul Mate who will be ready to teach you a new standard of “Love & Patience”. These lessons can be uncomfortable to experience in the human body as we don’t appreciate how difficult it can be when we map this out in the spirit world before this lifetime.

If you are searching for a compatible Soul Mate, you need to look out for that feeling of familiarity and belonging when you meet that new person. 

Spiritual Awakening

If you are drawn to researching Twin flames but don’t feel like you are in a Twin Flame relationship, it can indicate that you have you are going through a spiritual awakening, which in itself can be complicated and nothing short of life changing.  It’s important to get support when you wake up to your spiritual gifts & start letting go of attachments to the material world.

Do you need help with your Twin Flame Journey?

I am someone who is lucky enough to be in harmony and union with their Twin Flame. While this journey has been an amazing roller-coaster, I wish i had someone who could have supported me with the rough stages of the Twin Flame & Spiritual Awakening. 

If you need help with this deep inner journey, please contact me so we can help you on an easier path.

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