Manifest with a VISION WALL

It's true, your dreams can come true

Vision board? Have a VISION WALL

Vision boards are known to be a successful tool when it comes to manifesting. Seeing a constant visual reminder of your goals helps your unconscious mind look out for the opportunities you are focused on.

However, I don’t have a vision board, I have a vision wall! The pictures I use for manifesting are precious to me, which means I don’t have them out for everyone to see. They are in my bedroom that bring up a sense of wonder and excitement. I also have a vision wall inside my pantry cupboard to remind my partner of the renovations we are planning on doing!

I encourage you to put up pictures that you know are easy and achievable, as well as those that feel massive. EVERYTHING I’ve put on my vision wall I have manifested. … my home, my car, my cavalier dogs, good quality food, holidays and so much more. I have the most important items as the background on my phone and laptop as well. This all helps activate the manifesting energy from quantum to reality.

The secret with a vision wall, is to ignore the “How”. The scarcity, the limitations and the “how” is exactly what we clear in our sessions together to help manifest this vision easier.

A manifesting affirmation I use with the items on my manifesting list is “What will it take for me to have …..(Item)….? Anything in the way of this, CLEAR and TRANSMUTE” and I visualize the path to it becoming light. 

Remember to utilize your phone background. This is one of the best places for your unconscious mind to be prompted to keep you on track. You will find yourself seeing opportunities to open doors, in places that doors didn’t exist before. 

Enjoy being playful with this process. And as always, if you need help manifesting your vision, book in a session and lets easily clear the limitations.

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Emotional Success = Manifesting

Personal success with manifesting has its foundations in emotional success. Whatever external goals we want to reach, we are aiming for it because it will make us feel good. Simply put, by suppressing our feelings of stress and anxiety, we give our power away. BUT if we take charge of our feelings, we have the personal power to manifest what we want. 

Check out the Mirror Manifesting link to help you accelerate your personal power to attract what you want. 

Mirror Manifesting

Mirror work can be a beautiful Process, especially for that woman who are committed to manifest a beautiful world for herself. It is a unique practice where you connect to your reflection in the mirror, as if it’s a close friend. You can open yourself to a deep conversation and affirm the parts of you that you appreciate. Click on the link for more detail & step by step instructions. 

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