Are you ready to be on camera?

Everyone loves to watch video content, as I write this, there are currently 800 million videos on YouTube alone.

It is a quick and effective way to connect with your audience and build your reputation with the intention to build your brand. Undoubtedly, video marketing is one of the best tools to add to your tool kit.

Question is, have you thought about creating a video to promote your business?

While camera presence may come naturally to some people, others have to work at managing their emotions so they don’t look uncomfortable or nervous in front of the camera.

If you are someone who gets stressed at the idea of being on camera – I get it!

It took me a good year to be ok to be on camera, and then took months to work through why my face would go red and I would zone out to remember what I wanted to say!

Once you work through the fear it is 100% worth it.

If you are keen to jump in and hit record, here are some tips I want to share with you. These tips may be simple, but they will go a long way with building your confidence.

8 Steps to build your camera presence

1. Create your presence.

Very first thing you want to do, is to create confidence in any way that works for you. Some people record in the privacy of their car, others record in their home or office. The adventurous ones record outside or in public. Whatever you can do to calm your nervous system is where you should start.
Personally, I learned to talk to an audience when I was standing up doing mediumship. I know I am better standing when I am on camera and I think it has a more professional presence. 

2. Slow down.

People who are stressed start to speak quicker, blink more of often and go red in the face. Their fight flight kicks in making it impossible to think straight. People see it, and it becomes off putting.
Confident people take their time and claim their space. Think of people like Oprah or Obama. They know all eyes are on them, and yet they take their time to speak their message. I encourage you to do the same. Slow down. When you watch the replay, you will find it is actually at normal pace.

3. Wear what you want.

This is your business; your brand and you can wear what you want. However, your clothes will convey a message to your client, and you want to make sure that message is congruent with the clients you want to work with.
Any small repetitive print, or messy loud fabric can be distracting to the viewer. You are always better to wear flat or solid colours near your face. Think about wearing colours of your brand/logo to maintain consistency on your website.

4. Lighting, microphones, and technology.

In the early days, don’t let the lack of lighting or fancy microphones stop you. The important thing is to start. Most people have a fancy phone that can do what you need to record your content. I learned that a colourful background was more impactful in my videos than expensive lighting. However I do have to keep in mind that my studio is not ideal to record at night. I make sure I am up early to record when the natural lighting pours in to brighten my face. Plus I use a couple of $15 lamps to even out the shadows.

5. Is it for Instagram or tick Tok? Or is it for YouTube or your website?

YouTube videos are recorded in landscape (turn your phone to the side), whereas Instagram is portrait (Keep your phone up right). Last thing you want is to record amazing video in portrait that is for YouTube and have the distracting big black lines on the side of your video to fill the frame.

6. Line up the lens with your eyes.

While people know they are watching a video, instinctively they want to connect with you. There are psychological reasons why you want to have the lens of your camera at your eye level. 
If the camera is too high, you minimise your authority as you look up to the viewer like you are a child looking up to an adult. If the camera is too low, you look down on your audience, dominating as you look down on them.
Either way, it is uncomfortable to watch. Before you hit record, set your camera up so you are looking directly into the lens. You will create rapport with your viewer so much easier. Keep an eye on what other people do and notice how your body responds when the lens is too high or too low.

7. Remember who you are talking to.

Aim to talk to camera like you are having a conversation with someone you know. In the early days being on camera, your mind can make you feel like you are talking to strangers. It looks and feels awkward for you and your potential clients.
 It is a good idea to have a client in mind when you are talking and let yourself talk naturally. When your viewer feels a connection with you, they are more likely to trust you and reach out to buy your services.


As you continue to create more and more videos, you’ll get used to being in front of the camera. Your camera presence will improve in time, and you will have a body of work that you will be proud of.

Don’t be shy and keep recording!

Video content ideas:

  • What inspired you to start your business?
  • What can your client expect from a session with you?
  • What can your client do to prepare for a session with you?
  • The outcome your clients can expect from a session with you?
  • What are some of your client outcomes that your new client can create for themselves?
  • Behind-the-scenes snippets of your business
  • Share a big announcement about your offers

"How can I manifest clients?"

Practical ideas to attract clients

Anything you can do to generate word of mouth interest in your business is going to be very effective to attract new clients. All you need is one great client, with a big mouth who lovingly tells her trusted friends about your service and you can find yourself booked out very quickly. However you do need to have a few strategies in place to attract that first client. Here are some ideas.

  • Provide an introductory price to entice potential clients to take action to book in an initial session.
  • Consider offering a complimentary session to explore a potential clients current problems, with the intention to talk about what got them stuck and how your methods can provide them a solution. 
  • Create a “bring a friend” deal to get your loyal clients to introduce their friends to any groups that you offer.
  • Build referral-generating activities into your sales process. In your introductory questionnaire, find out how new clients found out about you and send their friend a loyalty discount on their next session. 
  • As you build your experience, listen to the words your clients use to describe their problems so you can use this to update your website and gain the attention of new clients.
  • Partner with other complimentary businesses. Remember when you were in NLP training and other classes, you would have been amongst like minded friends. You can create a referral program with them, or alternatively create events or podcasts so that you share your audience. 
  • Take advantage of testimonials and case studies. Social proof is priceless. An honest endorsement of your service is a great way to create interest for potential clients who want to achieve the same successful outcome.
  • Start helping people right now. Be seen and heard, one conversation at a time to generate interest in what you offer. 

Where to start with social media?

The world of social media can be overwhelming and many people start to compare themselves to what is already out there. …”where do I start?”
First let’s take the pressure off and breathe. Please do not get caught in the spiral of comparing yourself to others who have been creating content for years. Remind yourself that this is new and pace yourself.

Social media is a tool that helps you build your reputation and to help your potential clients gain trust in you. Social media does not determine the success of your business. I went years without any website or social media. My business was built on word of mouth by providing high quality sessions.

After saying that, what is your approach when it come to creating content?
What is the intention?
Do you want to talk to your audience?
Do you want to make sales?
Do you want to shock and surprise people?
Do you want to build up your following? 

Most of the time I create content with the intention to show my teenage daughters that they can live their dream and create a business that is fulfilling, while talking about how to be seen, heard and valued for all that you do. Knowing that my intention is to communicate with my daughters means that I am building a space of trust. 
I love to share inspirational messages about how to “Be your purpose”.

Knowing that the core value of my business is “purpose”, I base all my posts on this topic:
Manifesting your purpose.
Business purpose.
Spirituality and your purpose.
Following your intuition to be your purpose.
And everything in between. 

Question is – what is the core value in your business?
I encourage you to create a mindmap with the core value of your business in the centre, and then create a list of content that compliments this value? Knowing your audience and getting them familiar with your business values will keep you on track with your marketing. 

Social media post ideas:

Remember content creation is a long-term plan. You need to plant the seed today to reap the rewards in the future.

  • Picture of you – introduce yourself.
  • What are you thankful for today?
  • Workspace photo – share behind the scenes. 
  • Share your best case stories.
  • What is going on behind the scenes.
  • Answer a client’s question.
  • Share a fun moment.
  • What is a sneak peak that you are excited to share soon?
  • Talk about what you enjoy in your business. 
  • Who inspires you in your business?
  • What is a new perspective on your topic?
  • Share a personal vulnerable story of growth.
  • Give a tip your followers would love to know.
  • What are you excited about?
  • What is a ‘how to’ that you can share?
  • Talk about why you do what you do. 
  • Share your process. 
  • Launch a challenge.
  • Testimonials.
  • What is your offer?
  • Celebrate your client’s achievement.
  • Run a contest to like & share to win.
  • De-bunk a myth in your industry.
  • All about you – why did you start your business. 
  • Inspire your clients and ask them for an emoji if they agree. 
  • Share an ah-ha moment. 
  • Photo of your laptop – what are you currently working on?
  • Talk about your family and friends and how they support you. 
  • Share words of encouragement. 
  • How quickly your offer sold out.
  • What is your vision for your business.
  • Talk about a struggle you overcome. 

Get a Coach or Mentor

As an NLP trainer, I have trained some phenomenal people to become coaches. They have a generous heart and have knowledge about life experience that is worth paying for. If you are going into business, I highly recommend you get a reputable Coach – preferably from someone who is about three steps ahead of where you want to be. 

Why? From their experience, they can save you months and years of anxiety and frustration by helping you on the smoothest path a head so your business is set up for success.

Your business is an extension of you. It will show you where you are limiting within yourself. If you have a hard time receiving money, your business will too. If you stress to the point of being unwell, your business will be stressful and unwell too. 

Knowing how quickly and easy it is to resolve these limitations, it is well worth investing in yourself so your business thrives. 


Yes, Coaching is a luxury experience. But how much is it costing you to stay the same?

There are coaches who really value what they do and deliver a high-quality service. 

$5,000 for 3 months of personalized coaching.
$10,000 for 3 months of personalized coaching.

$25,000+ for 3 months of personalized coaching.

How do I know this? I have coached them.

What do these premium price coaches have in common?

  • They invest in themselves.
  • They are willing to take a risk.
  • They embraced their fear and turned their life around.
  • They positioned themselves in the market to not need to make sales.
  • They don’t chase for clients. Clients come to them.
  • They also know that the service they offer is valuable.

Some times people think that Coaching is expensive. It’s true, Coaching is a luxury experience.
But the real question is “How much is it costing you to stay the same?”

When you are starting a new business, there is an enormous amount of ‘work’ that needs to be complete. It can generate sleepless nights, anxiety, health concerns and break down in relationships. Save yourself the break down and get in touch with a trusted expert. You deserve it. 

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