Listen to your inner-child

You deserve to have that inner peace

Automatic writing can access incredible insights for you to build your self confidence.

Are you familiar with automatic writing?
Automatic writing is a simple practice to open up communication between the conscious and subconscious mind. You can learn to uncover your intuition, find clarity in life, and unearth hidden truths about yourself

This is a good process to do when you feel like you have been emotionally triggered. Maybe you have found yourself teary, and overwhelmed, life is getting too hard  – and you just need it to shift. 

Many times our triggers are connected to unmet needs growing up. Maybe you didn’t feel heard, seen or had access to comfort – your current emotional trigger will have a connection to back then. 

When you discover new awareness and ah-has, your unconscious mind can release old patterns and your logical conscious mind can now access new resources.

The practice requires no special skills — and it takes only 5–10 minutes of your time.

Write with your non-dominant hand


It is easier to do this process with a photo of little you.

Little Claire & her twin dollys

This process will take conscious effort and may feel uncomfortable or silly at first. You will be using both hands to write.

Your dominant hand (the hand you are used to writing with) is connected to your logical conscious mind- the grown-up you. 

Your non-dominant hand (the hand you use less) is connected to your unconscious mind – the inner child. 

Writing with your non-dominant hand will access the part of your brain that holds onto your childhood memories, which will give you access to insights that your logical mind is shut off from acknowledging. 

Grab your pen and paper, and find a quiet pocket of time. And let’s connect with your inner child. 

Steps to heal your inner child

"The script"

Approach this process with a sense with curiosity

With your dominant hand, write:

Dear little (write your name) how are you feeling right now?

With your non-dominant hand, let your inner child answer:

Dear adult (write your name) I am feeling ….. 

“Little one, where in your childhood did you feel like this (What age)…”

“Little one, what was it like for you?”

“I am angry because…” (record any struggles)

“I am sad because….” (record any struggles) 

“Little one, I love you because…”

“Little one, what do you need?”

Thank the little version of you for expressing herself.

Finish this process with some self care gratitude affirmations, such as-

  • “I will look after you inner child”
  • “You are beautiful just the way you are”
  • “You are special to me”
  • “I see you”

Your inner child knows how to access your passion

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