What does it mean to see 111?

Many clients ask me “what does this sign mean?”, or “what are my guides trying to tell me with 111?” etc.
There tend to be 3 STAGES when it comes to noticing signs and synchronicities.

First Stage

You start to notice signs and synchronicities. Your curiosity is peaked, assuming there must be a greater meaning, as you have been questioning there must be more to life.
At this early stage, noticing any sign means you are at the beginning of your spiritual awakening. Regardless of the sign, or number – your ego has less of a grip on you and you start to become aware that YOU create your reality. You have the choice to live an empowered life, or to stay in the heavier energy of blame, guilt, fear, shame etc. 
The meaning of each sign is not important at this stage. What is important is that you are spiritually awakening, and the synchronicities confirm this. You are on the path to a more brilliant life. (If you choose).

Second Stage

You start to put meaning to the signs, numbers, and synchronicities. E.g., People talk about 1s being the vibration of independence, and the flip side arrogance. Or White feathers – message from your guides you are on the right path. Putting meaning to the signs creates a relationship between you, your guides, and your higher self. The relationship is a two-way connection. And you can start telling your guides what signs means for you. Eg. “Show me a butterfly today if you want me to make x decision”.

Your guides want the best for you; however, their guidance is just like asking your Nanna for her opinion. It is just your guides opinion. You still have free will to choose. The important thing at this stage is to recognise you are part of a bigger energy. 

Third Stage

Nonattachment to the signs. You may see a sign, number, synchronicity and warmly smile to yourself. There is a deep knowing of you connection to all there is, and that in this higher vibration, you can manifest anything you want. Which means you can manifest more signs and you can manifest ease and abundance.

Your Soul is focused on growing and evolving.

It is common to ask yourself "What is my purpose?"

1111 can indicate that you’re on the path to spiritual awakening,
which is just a fancy way to say that your growing and evolving.

Signs that the energy of 1111 is working with you – 
• You find yourself questioning what your ego has been focused on.
• You question your connection to everything around you.
• You will find yourself avoiding drama.
• Your diet can change where you crave fresh foods.
• You may find the material things that used to distract you from your feelings, don’t seem that important anymore.
• The synchronicities start to increase. Such as you were thinking of a friend and they happen to call.
• You may feel yourself observing nature, and the ebb and flow of the things around you.
• There is a priority within yourself to speak your truth.

Seeing 1111 can feel like an upheaval of how life used to be, to open new doors to new fulfilment. Its important to bring in as much fun and playfulness, to keep your energy high.

Love is expressed by


2 is a feminine number. When we all ease into our heart space, we can easily tap into our intuition, our inner trust and consideration. The energy of 2s will help us on our path to manifest our soul’s purpose. It is time to communicate, give & receive.

However, if you caught up in the mental space of ‘how’, competition and independence, the energy of 2s will feel ridged, leaving you feel alone.

If you have been seeing 2s, its time to speak up, connect and create! HAVE FUN!

Divine guidance coming to solve a problem

Focus on fun, playful energy to see your way out

Have you been asking the universe for help? 
333 is a sign from the universe that its on its way.
This may come in as: 

• Ideas to solve a problem
• Doors opening to new opportunities
• A friend bringing some fun to shift your focus off your problems
• New understands

Your protected, loved and on the right path.

You are in sync with the universe

It is time to create more structure in your life

I believe when you repeatedly notice the same number over and over, it’s a sign.

444 can mean you are being guided to create more your structure in your life.
You are well protected to action those plans. You can handle this next challenge and it will benefit your near future.

Personally, I’m missing number 4 out of my numerology chart and find focusing on structure to be difficult to put in to place. I rely on to do lists to avoid overwhelm or procrastination.

Number 4 can represent making new goals and enjoying the action to achieve them.

The universe is guiding you to grow and evolve

Progress is impossible with out change

555s is letting you know that major positive change coming your way.
Change means that you need to leave your comfort zone. Say yes when you are excited to action these new ideas. 

Remember 5 is the number for grace, find the appreciation as life unfolds.

The universe is guiding you with this transition.

Your thoughts align with your higher purpose

Release the judgment and come back to your truth

666…. It’s not what you think!

Recently I’ve been seeing 666. I pointed it out to my partner, and his response was “The Devil Number”. This is a common misinterpretation. 666 reminds us to take notice if we are focused on the good in our life, or the bad. So to speak.
When you are focused on fear, ego and problems, you lower your vibration and pull yourself out of alignment.
666 is a message to take notice of what you are focused on, as your thoughts are a form of energy that become your experience.

Personally, I’m filling up ALL my pockets of time to focus on what’s working well for me.

Your soul is looking for deeper meaning

Go beyond the illusion of the physical world
to find the answers

Have you been seeing 777?
Do you wonder what kind of hidden message it is telling you? 
Trust these numbers got your attention for a reason. Take notice of what creates a calm, pleasant state in your body and do more of that. Why? 
It is easier to hear your intuition for guidance & clarity when you quieten the mental chatter. Perhaps you could do a meditation, a mindfulness class, read a yummy book, or simply walk the dog.
Number 7 is a soulful number, so what ever you choose to do, make sure ite nourishing to your soul.

Abundance comes in various forms

Sharing, Giving & Receiving

It is commonly known that 888 can symbolize financial abundance and material wealth. However, seeing this number pattern, does not always represent money. It can mean that the things that you have invested in a while ago are finally ready for you to receive your rewards. This can be a –
• Personal dream, 
• Professional goal, 
• Relationship milestone or
• Breakthrough with your healing.

To fast track your abundance coming in to your life (what ever way that looks like to you), make sure you feel good about what your manifesting. Many people doubt their ability to create success in their life, this blocks the flow. The better you feel about your manifesting goals, the easier it is for it to show up in your life.

Be prepared for a great deal of abundance coming your way !

You are stronger after this chapter

Thankfully a new chapter is near

It can be a relief when 999 appears. Spirit world is letting you know that you gone through your fair share of struggles and learnings.

You have been going a long with others plans for so long.  It is time to complete this chapter and release the pains of the past. The next chapter will ask you to identify what is important to you so that you can put your needs first.

Get ready to lead by example with compassion and a kind heart. This transition from 9s to 1s can be transformative.

Whats your house number?

If you are fascinated by numbers, this next page has interesting insights in to the energy of the house number you live in.

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