Manifesting Wealth

Smash your scarcity mindset to attract abundance

Someone asked me, “How can manifesting help me?” The truth is, we are all manifesting, all the time.

Some people focus on their problems and manifest more problems – The universe is inclusive like that. If you focus on “debt” the universe will give you more “debt”. If you can turn this around, focus on paying off the “commitment” (of the debt), the universe will give you inspiring ideas to bring in more money to complete this goal.

Alternatively, you can manifest financial abundance by asking manifesting questions, such as “What will it take for me to have plenty of money?”. This ‘affirmation’ is an open-ended question that takes the pressure off your logical mind and invites the universe to work out the “how”. It’s an immensely powerful affirmation. 
Make sure you action these inspired ideas. If you are manifesting money, I highly recommend you buy the book/audio book “Love money, money loves you”. (See link below)

Effective manifesting comes from the heart space. Some may call this the feminine energy. Its like an energy centre that is outside of time that will open you to all possibilities. Manifesting becomes hard work when it is logical & from the mind. The effort is about the masculine energy pushing against 3D time and working out the how. Open your heart to the possibilities of manifesting anything you desire. Be that wealth, relationships, babies, careers; the list goes on.

I am so passionate about manifesting

I know 100% it is possible to manifest your biggest dreams. Why? because I’ve done it. Many years ago, the police removed my ex for what they said was the most horrendous case of domestic violence they had seen. A short time later, the banks sold my home and my car, 2 weeks before Christmas.

Not only did my four daughters and I have to undo the abuse, we were left struggling to pick up the pieces, scared, homeless, living in a caravan, dependent on welfare and food banks. For me, it was the lowest point in my life. This stress could not follow us in to our future.  

All it took was 1 powerful decision to turn things around. My daughters future depended on it. 

It took me two years to manifest my – 

  • Home in my dream location (with no banks involved)
  • My car (with no loans)
  • My daughters private schooling
  • My King Charles Cavaliers, named Richie, Morris & Daisy
  • Holidays to Hawaii 
  • and much more 

I’m dedicated to learn all I can about manifesting a life with passion and purpose. I’m excited to share these proven methods with YOU.  

Kyle Cease - Receive Money

Notice the stress that thinking about money makes you feel. If you’re in a frequency of “what do I do?” when it comes to money, watch this.

Jim Carrey on Manifesting

Jim Carrey speaks to us about his view on manifesting and what it truly means to manifest the life you want. We see here the experience that he went through to get to where he is now. Through all the pains, struggles, sacrifices and tears he still remains in high spirit. May we all continue to just be.

Joe Dispenza - Abundance

Dr Joe Dispenza (2021) – 777 Attract Massive Amount of Money Immediately! Miracle – Abundance Manifestation | Dr Joe Dispenza Summary – Dr Joe Dispenza : How To Make Abundance

Dave Ramsey - Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Dave Ramsey has many high quality tips in regards to money. Please note, he is American using American models, however, his perception of money saving will help you get a head of the game.

  • “Get a plan/budget, live on less then you make, get out of debt and learn to save money. Then invest it.”
  • “Rich people get Rich, by saving money” – Dave Ramsey

Lewis Howes - Manifest Anything

If you want to achieve anything you want in life then make sure you use the law of attraction to help you on your journey to success today!

Dr Joe Dispenza – A Manifesting Experience

YouTube has many Joe Dispenza meditations. Many of them get deleted regularly and added with a different title. Any that are titled “Pineal activation” are immensely powerful. This particular one is a short manifesting guided mediation.

Kyle Cease – Future Playful Manifesting

This is fun. Kyle has a great sense of humour (He is a comedian). In this video he encourages us to get playful with our friends and partners about things we want to manifest. His idea is to talk as if its already done. E.g. “How great was it today when I paid cash for that brand-new car, felt amazing!” 

Marie Diamond – Feng Shui

Feng Shui can be a complicated, detailed process to understand. Thank fully Marie has a way of teaching Feng Shui in an easy to understand fun way. She talks about welcoming in the abundant energy, such as the position of your desk so you can see the clients coming. Simple and fun.

Bruce Music – Law of Attraction

This is a clear and precise guide on accelerating your manifestation. It is about the Law of Attraction, and how to speed up your results.

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