Manifesting Money

Smash your scarcity mindset to attract abundance

I am so passionate about manifesting

Someone asked me, “How can manifesting help me?” The truth is, we are all manifesting, all the time.

Some people focus on their problems and manifest more problems – The universe is inclusive like that. If you focus on “debt” the universe will give you more “debt”. If you can turn this around, focus on paying off the “commitment” (of the debt), the universe will give you inspiring ideas to bring in more money to complete this goal.

Alternatively, you can manifest financial abundance by asking manifesting questions, such as “What will it take for me to have plenty of money?”. This ‘affirmation’ is an open-ended question that takes the pressure off your logical mind and invites the universe to work out the “how”. It’s an immensely powerful affirmation. 
Make sure you action these inspired ideas. If you are manifesting money, I highly recommend you buy the book/audio book “Love money, money loves you”. (See link below) 

Effective manifesting comes from the heart space. Some may call this the feminine energy. Its like an energy centre that is outside of time that will open you to all possibilities. Manifesting becomes hard work when it is logical & from the mind. The effort is about the masculine energy pushing against 3D time and working out the how. Open your heart to the possibilities of manifesting anything you desire. Be that wealth, relationships, babies, careers; the list goes on.

Spiritual Awakening Series

  • In a nutshell, what is manifesting?
  • Am I manifesting all the time?
  • How does NLP help me manifest?
  • Why have I manifested health challenges? What can I do about it?

Walk with money, meditation made by Claire

What is the secret to money? This meditation takes you on a journey to walk with money and become a magnet to receive the money your heart desires. 

Create your abundant future - Powerful Meditation

This powerful visualization will take you into the future to connect with the successful version of you where your goals have already been achieved and you are free from the worries of the past. 

Reap the benefits of experiencing NLP process called “future pace”. It will ensure the changes you make will access strong resources and peak performance. 

Love Money, Money Loves YOU

This book has CHANGED so many of my clients lives.

If you are not a reader, grab a copy of the auido book. 

A few weeks after the painful failure of her business in London, Sarah was asked a question in a book she was reading. “What does money want to say to you?” She started writing a response and found words coming out of her pen that weren’t her own. They started with, “I want you to love me.” She was deeply touched, and intrigued to explore more about the source of this message. She went on to write in the same way every day for 3 months and ended up with a collection of surprising, funny and inspiring advice, apparently from the energy of money itself. Those writings turned into this book. It takes you into the heart of the world of money, but not into financial systems as they exist on this planet.

Michelle - Re-wire your brain and get over your money issues

Michelle Masters, from California, is a world leader in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and has the incredible gift of helping people rewire their brains to overcome limiting beliefs around money and other areas of personal change. Her latest book is called Money Magic and you can find more details on her work and the book at

Kyle Cease - Receive Money

Notice the stress that thinking about money makes you feel. If you’re in a frequency of “what do I do?” when it comes to money, watch this.

Access Consciousness - Money

The Foundation is a four day class from Access Consciousness that will break the foundation of what you think your reality is so you can create the reality that works for you. It’s a whole different way of functioning in the world and a whole lot more fun. The class will give you practical and pragmatic tools to build your life and your future from a different foundation — where everything and everyone is included, and nothing and no one is judged. What would you like to choose? How do you get there? What do you know that you’ve never acknowledged? What if you’re not wrong … just different?

Ken Honda: The Japanese Art of Being a Zen Millionaire

Most people have dysfunctional ideas about money stemming from childhood and society. If your parents said, “I’m not sending you to soccer camp. You don’t practice enough during the off-season, so it’s a waste of money,” the message that you might have heard is, “I’m not worthy.” If your parents complained about the expense of child raising, you might think, “I’m a waste of money” or “I’m an obstacle.” These ideas stick with us in adulthood.

Dr Joe Dispenza – A Manifesting Experience

YouTube has many Joe Dispenza meditations. Many of them get deleted regularly and added with a different title. Any that are titled “Pineal activation” are immensely powerful. This particular one is a short manifesting guided mediation.

Kyle Cease – Future Playful Manifesting

This is fun. Kyle has a great sense of humour (He is a comedian). In this video he encourages us to get playful with our friends and partners about things we want to manifest. His idea is to talk as if its already done. E.g. “How great was it today when I paid cash for that brand-new car, felt amazing!” 

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