Enhance your Intuition

Your Intuition, Your Truth

It’s so easy to turn to friends or google when we want an answer to something. But is this answer in your best interest?

Your intuition will deliver its message in a calm, confident & gentle manner. It feels good in your body within your heart, gut and the core of who you are. It delivers its message without being attached to the outcome. Your intuition will always give your highest truth.

One of the easiest ways to access your intuition is to go into a meditative state. If you want to get technical, the Theta Brain wave is the best for intuition. One of the easiest ways to go into this trance state is to roll your eyes up to your gorgeous eyebrows, take a couple of deep breaths. Then ask your question. (You can do this any time you are feeling stressed and it will help your brain reset.) You will naturally be in this Theta state in the morning and late evening before you sleep. This is why it is ideal to tap into your intuition and meditate first thing in the morning. Or to pull a Tarot card at this time too. 


Some peoples intuition works best with a full stomach and some people with an empty stomach. Some peoples intuition works better when they are by themselves, while others need people around them to feel energized to tap in. Some people need music, while others need silence. It really does rely on experimenting on good days. 

I do know the more healing you do, the more you clear your triggers, the more your intuition becomes easier to listen to rather then your ego being so loud.

Below is a list on how to listen to your intuition.

  • Meditate to quieten that logical mind.
  • Get creative and let that free flowing information come in.
  • Learn from the past when you ignored your intuition and you just knew.
  • Align your values to your intuition rather then your ego.
  • Check in with Tarot or Oracle cards.
  • Notice where you feel your “Yes” in your body.
  • Pay attention to your dreams.
  • Pay attention to the synchronicities outside of you.


  • Self talk or inner dialogue
  • Talking in sentences
  • Voices from the past
  • Emotional
  • Logical
  • Judgmental
  • Adamant in its strength

Intuition is NOT coming from your mind, however your mind will make sense of its message. Your mind makes sense of the world around it using your 5 senses. (Seeing, Hearing, Touching, Tasting, Smelling). It may be hard to understand, but your intuition will come from a ‘6th sense’.


Your Intuition, Or Ego?

When you were a baby, your intuition was loud & pure. But over time it got faint as we listened to what other people want. This is when the ego is formed. The ego is dependent on you needing something outside of yourself. The ego wants control, so it stays attached to fear, judgment, low self-worth. It will have you do anything to avoid that horrible, criticized feeling. The Ego is focused on urgency and away from now. So, it’s an unsettled kind of energy.

The voice of your intuition is pure, but it may not be an audible sound, more like a sensation. It comes from a place of self-love. Normally when you ask yourself a question, your intuition is the very first answer; with out you having to force it. It’s very patient and will bring in desire and the things that uplift your energy. 

Next time you want to make a decision, quiet your mind. Come to the present time. Hand on your heart, what’s important to you about this decision? Breathe and listen to that humble inner voice. 

Your ego may want to jump in and will give you a list of what you “should do” or “what will other people think?”
Following your intuition, means being clear on what’s important to you. Many times, people won’t listen to their intuition because they are fearful of trusting themselves and rely on external validation. This can easily be resolved in a session.

It does take time to train your intuition. Be easy on yourself as you learn to tap into this powerful part of you.

Below is a detailed process how to connect in even more.


YES / NO Intuitive answer

Sometimes all we need is quick guidance from our intuition. Eg “Should I have a coffee now?” or “Is this the right decision for me?” Get out of your head and get familiar with that inner voice as your intuition knows best. 

To start connecting in to a YES for your intuition, say out loud “My name is ….(name)…”
and notice where you feel the sensation of a good certain “YES”.

Now say “My name is ….Paul…” (assuming your name is not Paul) and notice that sinking “No” sensation. Getting familiar with these two feelings or sensations is the quickest way you can accurately trust your intuition.

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Know the truth of your intuition

Any time you want to connect into higher energies, it is important to make sure you are connecting to the highest truth.
This process below is very powerful to enhance your intuition while ensuring your energy is well protected.

You need to do this in a private safe space where you won’t be interrupted. It’s time to get out of your busy MIND and your BODY. Make sure you ask your divine guidance to bring in the energy so you are connected to your HIGHEST TRUTH.


Claires process to raise the truth of your intuition

I invite you to quieten your mind, take in a few deep breaths. Roll your eyes up so you are looking towards those gorgeous eyebrows of your, and then just let your eyelids become heavy as they close. 

Call in your divine guidance to be with you on this journey to bring in the TRUTH. 
Ask for their guidance to bring in a beam of white light over the top of your head, so you that you are well protected in their energy.

As that light activates all the important energy centres, especially your heart. 
Imagine energetic roots grow out from the bottom of your feet, grounding you deep into mother earth’s core. 

Welcome her energy to come up into you to support and nurture you.
Next, bring your awareness to the outer membrane of who you are. Some may call this your Aura. 
Ask your guides to strengthen this outer membrane, repair any dints or scaring you have experienced from your day-to-day life. 

Next, expand this energy, so that it goes bigger then the room that you are in, bigger than the country that you are in, bigger then the outer edges of Earth. Breathe. 

And then take that energy and expand it out further to the outer edges of the universe. Breathe.
And again, expand this energy to outer edges of the multiverse, as far as you can expand it. 

Here in this space, allow yourself to feel the warmth and the tingling sensations. This is the place to open your heart space and to ask the questions your heart has been longing answers for. Such as –
“Help me find a solution to ….”
“What do I need to know to manifest….”
“Please guide me to ….”
“How much money can my energy attract right now?….”

Notice you will have an answer very quickly.
Bring this answer with you to your current body, while allowing yourself to experience the ripple effects as the universe opens possibilities to you that were once not available to you, as your higher self has been waiting for you to invite in new solutions. 

Thank your divine guidance for their assistance.

"Thank you"

The more you stay in this gratitude, the more you will be in that optimum state to create and manifest.

You are responsible for energy you create in your own body. Enjoy that pure bliss as much as you can.

I do this process every time I am preparing to work with clients, or manifesting a successful outcome. 

Remember, when manifesting solutions, you can ask the universe to do some of the heavy lifting for you.
All you really have to do is to surrender and let the solutions find you. 


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